NBC got my attention when they revealed that Eddie Izzard (!!) would be filling Al Lewis’ shoes as the affably undead Gran’pa Munster, and now they’ve chosen the actor who will put on Fred Gwynne’s platform boots as Herman.

Bryan Fuller’s Munsters revamp, “Mockingbird Lane”, will star Jerry O’Connell (known to old guys like me as the fat kid from ‘Stand By Me’ and also as Ultraman) as the Frankenstein Monster who married a vampire and somehow had a werewolf child.  The genetics of it all are pretty questionable, but I’m interested to see the new version, described as edgier, with Herman being discussed as less traditional Frankenstein and more decaying zombie/golem.


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  1. Eep…I just realize I’m one of the ‘old folks’ cause I always think of My Secret Identity first :-O

  2. Hold on. They’re remaking the Munsters? I know it’s cliche at this point to bitch about it, but why do the Munsters need a damn remake?

    Hell, I wasn’t even old enough to be a fan of the Munsters (if I was even alive at that point), and this still exasperates me. What’s next? A remake of M*A*S*H?

  3. WTF! I smell DOOM!
    Jerry is a very good actor…
    But, this smells a lot like TOO far to be called “The Munsters”!
    The new “Teen Wolf” is okay… So, let’s remake “The Beverly Hillbillies” and make them zombies.
    “Bewitched” and “I Dream of Jeannie” can go really sexy DARK…
    The Andy of Mayberry can become a zombie/vampire slayer and give “The Walking Dead” a run for their money!
    There are just TOO many opportunities to F-up so many ’60s classics.
    (What if all the “Gilligan’s Island” members turned on one another and went cannibal?)

  4. I like Garret and Danson. Actually Dedric Bader would also be good. Catherine Zeta Jones as Lilly, hubba hubba.

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