Fans seem to be split on the merits of X-Men: First Class, but recent news may indicate that development on the sequel may be going in a very Claremont/Byrne-oriented direction…

Ain’t It Cool News reports that 20th Century Fox has registered the movie title “Days Of Future Past,” which seems to indicat that there may be some time-tripping chicanery ahead for the X-Men.  Given that my greatest questions about X-Men: First Class came in terms of time (specifically, the problems inherent in Havok, White Queen, Banshee and The Beast being in action FIFTY years ago), could this be the method by which they fix tangled temporal tracks?  Or perhaps the first shots fired in an inevitable reboot of the X-movie franchise?  If this is Fox’s next X-movie, it will be interesting to see how they rework the Wolverine/Kitty oriented story to fit their cast.  Magneto vs. The Sentinels, anyone?

via Ain’t It Cool News


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