Ridley Scott has been talking up a number of things during his Prometheus interviews. One of the more notable to get him on is his upcoming Blade Runner. Take the jump for a few ideas behind that.

There’ll be a vast farmland where there are no hedges or anything in sight, and it’s flat like the plains of… Kansas, where you can see for miles. And it’s dirt, but it’s being raked. On the horizon is a combine harvester which is futuristic with klieg lights, ‘cause it’s dawn. The harvester is as big as six houses.

In the foreground is a small white clapboard hut with a porch as if it was from Grapes of Wrath. From the right comes a car, coming in about six feet off the ground being chased by a dog. And that’s the end of it, I’m not gonna tell you anything else.

This excerpt from a Collider interview has Scott describing a potential scene from the in-development film. Well, this scene may seem familiar to fans as it was described in the Dangerous Days documentary from the BLu-Ray set. Storyboards had even been previously released to the public, which you can see here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37pQKgwsF94&w=560&h=315]

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  1. Oldcomicfan on

    There is no middle ground for Ridley Scott where movies are concerned. He either hits it out of the ballpark or whiffs the ball entirely. More often than not, his movies don’t interest me except for the sci-fi movies. Bladerunner was panned and didn’t do so well at the box office but I always liked it – especially once the version without the voiceover became available. I have always regretted that Scott didn’t revisit the world of Bladerunner but instead got distracted by silly ideas like Thelma and Louise, and 1492. A bit like Peter Jackson being distracted away from Tolkien by doing a totally unnecessary remake of King Kong. I liked Prometheus alot, though I am puzzled by those who claim it wasn’t a direct prequel of Aliens. That’s a bit like looking at a pair of denim jeans and claiming that they aren’t the prequel of denim jackets. But I do wonder about Scott suddenly making new Aliens movies and Bladerunner movies. Not that this is a bad thing, but it does smack a little of George Lucas returning to Star Wars and Indiana Jones after dinking around doing nothing important (and making box office flops) for a couple decades. Let’s hope he does a better job of it than George Lucas, though!

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