ME WANT: Reebok and Marvel Team Up


I will agree that shoes are a fantastic invention, but the fact that we must wear a pair to enter most businesses wears on me from time to time. But since we must wear them, we might as well throw in a little self-expression, and Reebok and Marvel would like to help with that.

On my first glancing of the title for this announcement I assumed these were going to be a slightly grownup version of the kids shoes with pictures of heroes plastered on and every shoe having the same design. Once I clicked on the link I was blown away by the designs of the different shoes.

There are 10 characters from the Marvel Universe that are lucky enough to have a shoe tailored for them: Emma Frost, Black Widow, Chamber, Deadpool, Venom, Spider-Man, Sabertooth, Wolverine, Red Skull, and Captain America. The Sabertooth design looks to be a shoe I would imagine the character actually wearing which is great. It also seems pump-up shoes are finally coming into style with Wolverine and Spider-Men lucky enough to have those additions.












If anyone at Reebok is reading, my birthday is coming up and I wear a size 12. The full line is expected to hit stores this summer.