DC’s relaunched, revamped and rejiggered universe (the proverbial New 52) is creeping up on the end of it’s first year, and there are rumors of upcoming creative changes, including the possibility of a new art team for their centerpiece title, Justice League.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always “misquoted”) is banded together from remote galaxies, asking:
What artist or art team would you hand-pick to take over Justice League?


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  1. Olivier Coipel and Jim Cheung on a rotating shift. Since they aren’t the fastest artists. I would love to see Stuart Immonen but only if he did it like Superman: Secret Identity. That art was amazing. I think that’s because he drew, inked and colored the whole thing himself. Guess what? It never shipped late. Suck on that every other artist.

  2. For writer, I would love to see Jonathan Hickman. Tear him away from that Marvel contract, and get him to put that crazy cosmic with a personal touch storytelling to DC’s big team.

    For art, let’s get Ivan Reis. He showed what he could do with Blackest Night and Aquaman. Now, let’s have him draw Bats and Supes everymonth.

  3. Kevin Flythe on

    I’d like to see the creative team of Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson. Dodson’s work on team books like X-Men and Defenders has been fantastic, and Fraction’s Defenders run has shown us he can do good team book stories, including both arcs on a grand scale that feature the whole team as well as issues that focus on one particular member of the team without detracting from the series’s momentum. Besides, I love what he’s done with Thor and Iron Man, two characters that have proven very difficult to write historically. I think this team would make an awesome Justice League book.

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