It’s Thursday, and we continue our look at the official Critical Hit Characters Designs by our good friend Thomas Perkins.

You may remember Thomas Perkins from his excellent work on Ben 10, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Green Lantern, and of course, our Hero History of Kablamakus! Thomas approached us quite a while ago about providing art, and over the last couple of years, we’ve honed everything down to where we are happy to show off the first official character designs to you, our faithful Spoilerites and Critites.

All this week, we introduce a character and design to you.  It’s our fourth day, and that means it is time to say hello to Ket.

“Hello, Ket.”

These are some of the best designs we’ve seen, and we are loving what we were able to do in our collaboration with Thomas Perkins.  For those who are wondering, Major Spoilers has some big plans for these designs, which we will announce soon.  But until then, use the comment section below to talk it out, and remember, we have one more day until the end of the week.

  • If you didn’t get to see Orem, check out that awesome image, here.
  • If you missed out on Torq, you can find that bit of ephemera here.
  • The lanky Randus can be found here.



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  1. StellarLeader on

    Almost exactly how I imagined him! Awesome.
    I imagined the imp more stubby though.
    I want to see more of this designs! I’m dying to know what are your big plans for them

  2. I’m really digging the distinct color elements for each character. The organic garden-green for Orem, the electric blue for Torq, the combination of the two for Randus’ blue-green and of course Ket’s infernal red. Very Cool!

  3. Just like i imagined him minus facial hair.
    I just got to the part that introduces Ket.
    I wonder if there will be one of Smith or not.

  4. Both Ket and Guy are spot-on as far as their looks, but where is the playing-cards/gamblers motif on his jacket?

    • And the whip rolled up “Indy” style on his belt. Small details.

      Still a very nice image. Love the whole set.

  5. Ohhh Guy!!! Who’s a cutie? Who’s the cutest little devily baby in all the planes of existence? You are! You are!!

    That is a REALLY classy jacket!! And I love his wand!

      • oh I’m not sure!! Now that you say that, it could be either! But the way he’s holding it, I assumed wand because you grip a whip more tightly…but then if it’s a magic whip…

    • Totally agree. Guy is adorable and as far as I am concerned steals the spotlight from Ket in the picture.

      I am pretty sure Ket is secretly Guy’s familiar and not the other way around.

  6. Another success! Particularly liking the red and the imp. Goodness alone knows how Ket finds trousers to fit that waist though!

  7. Doesn’t Ket have a bit of a beard or goatee? If I did not spell goatee right, I apologize internet.

    • He does now, but most of these designs were originally conceptualized more than a year ago, so equipment and a few other things might not be exactly current.

  8. Triggernator on

    I always imagined Guy to be more ape like, like a demonic gibbon. Other than that majorly me gusta but I still think the Randus art looks better.

  9. The Great NateO on

    WOW another home run Mr. Perkins, GUY is outstanding and Ket has that distinguished thief about him. I would love to see you do Orem and Ket get a room.

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