This week, DC Comics releases two comics that have caused a bit of controversy.  The first is Earth 2 #2, which introduces readers to Alan Scott, who has undergone a sexual preference switch, while the second, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1, features a prequel to a series that many think is too holy to touch with a ten foot pole.  There’s no doubt people are going to flock to pick up these titles, but the bigger question is, which one will sell the most copies?


Which title will sell more copies?

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  1. While both have certain appeals beyond the controversy, I feel that Before Watchmen will get more sells because A) It has a movie attached B) More people will read it to say “Alan Moore was right, this is terrible, etc.” (Part of me hope it doesn’t) C) I don’t think the ploy of Green Lantern once removed, and on an alternate Earth has that much appeal.

  2. I’m saying Earth-2 because the 1st issue got solid reviews, so it’ll attract regular readers (I recommended it), so it has more going for it as far as we’ve seen besides the controversy. Also, there’ll probably be a counter-boycott like we saw with Archie comics, so that’ll help sales too. And with the price of comics, I can’t see a lot of Before Watchmen naysayers buying the books just to hate them, but with a single title, they’ll be people bying Earth-2 just to complain about one character, as is comic fandom’s wont, sadly.

    • That’s odd, I was just going to say that “Before Watchmen” is WAAAY more gimicky that Allan Scott being gay. Personally, I think Earth 2 will sell more as it is an ongoing with connections to current story lines where as I can wait till BW is ulimatly out in trade to read it. There is just no urgency. we know what eventually happens so why wait month to month for it. I’ll buy the collection.

  3. The Great NateO on

    Earth #2 get my vote, not because of the Double G – L, but because it is a newer part of the New 52 Wave 2 and right now I think is more thrilling. The first issue of Earth #2 was great. Also not sure that there is that much excitement to read the new Watchman stuff, I know I’m not.

  4. It seemed to me that most of the hating on the Watchmen prequels has come from inside the comic community, while the Alan Scott controversy has been getting stirred up by major media corps. That “negative” press being pushed by some could translate into a sales boost just in an attempt to spite those doing the condemning. So Earth 2 with more sales.

    The fact that their is so much controversy over Alan Scott is just sad though.

  5. I’m going to say Minutemen just because it is a #1. Earth 2 #2 is the second issue and the boost you get from folks checking out a #1 is already gone. The folks that liked the first issue will stay, but I don’t think the Alan Scott gimmick will bring in that many folks.

  6. Earth 2 #2 will probably sell more and heres why. People are fascinated with things that are of a sexual nature. They want to see the ins and outs of a relationship. Its the same reason that reality television is so popular. People will flock to this because of the homosexual relationship but if its a good story they are going to stay.

    Now watchmen being the great work that it is probably not going to sell as much. Mostly because Moore has said it wont be good.

  7. I remain skeptical of both books, but I’m going to go with my sizable gut and said Earth-2. It’s the more recent development, and while I feel enthusiasm for Earth-2 may be misplaced (I’d rather have people excited about the new JSA than Alan Scott’s love life), I feel there’s just more enthusiasm for Earth-2 rather than Before Watchmen.

    HOWEVER, that’s just for these specific issues. I don’t think anyone is going to be that excited for the Minuteman. But Rorschach is a whole ‘nother story . . .

  8. Even with the “controversy” surrounding Earth 2, I don’t know anybody who’s actually interested in that book. I’m sure a few more people will pick it up to see how the subject is handled, but I think Before Watchmen has much broader and anticipated appeal.

  9. Oldcomicfan on

    I voted for Watchmen, even though I think the original was overhyped, overbilled and, to be honest, far from the greatest graphic novel ever. I’ve read dozens that are far better! Of course, I never have liked any of Alan Moore and Gibbon’s work. So why do I vote for Watchman. Because, dear readers, Archie already did the Gay protagonist thing years ago. Why is it suddenly a big deal? Did they run out of heroes to kill but not really? And the whole thing about bringing back the “multiverses” of Earths just annoys the heck out of me. First they inflict “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on us to do away with the horrible mess that was DC’s continuity? Now they want to bring it all back again? For Pete’s Sake, why not bring back the whole “imaginary story” sub-genre and be done with it. Now there was a concept that really warped the mind – an imaginary tale in a book about flying men who shoot fire out of their eyes? Just how realistic did they thing the “non-imaginary tales” were in the first place? Next thing you know, they’ll bring back BatMite and Ace the Bat Hound.
    Secretly, I was rooting for Rainbow Batman to be the gay character. Oh well.

  10. litanyofthieves on

    I think Before Watchmen is going to sell a lot of books to the same people that complained about it on the internet. Including me.

    Winky face.

  11. Everything I’ve seen about comic sales tells me one thing:
    It’s the title that sells, not the content. While the Alan Scott thing is a controversy, I think it was a bigger deal to the general news-making public than it was to comic readers. When push comes to shove, I think comic readers are going to buy the one with the word “Watchmen” on the front,

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