A recent discussion with Adriana (of Critical Hit and Super Future Friends infamy) led to an in-depth analysis of character roles, and a comparison of the Critical Hit cast to the cartoon Archie Gang.  (Ket=Reggie, Torq=Jughead, and Trelle=Betty, by the way.)  Many people have compared the relative merits of young Ms. Cooper versus Veronica Lodge, but the recent X-Men revelations raised another question for me…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “Reginald”) wants you to know that you are it’s candy girl, asking:  Is it weird or it is perfect that Archie Comics did a same-sex wedding first?


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  1. Oh, I think it’s perfect. Somehow having squeaky-clean middle American Riverdale (which is, in it’s way, just as fictional as Metropolis) celebrate four-color gay nuptials strikes just the right chord. It let the focus be on the people, not the villains lurking in the shrubbery. FWIW, it was a six-kleenex story for me, too.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with Robert on this one. What Archie did with Kevin Keller made the focus of the story be a natural evolution of the character that was introduced to bring about greater diversity in the Archie Universe, instead of a simple publicity stunt gone bonkers. Granted, when Archie did this several years ago, it did create a media frenzy, but I feel like it was handled much better than the two most recent revelations.

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