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Blurring the line between digital comic and game, the creators of Shadowbinders are turning to Kickstarter to help fund an innovative app that adds ‘gamification’ elements to their comic.

Shadowbinders is a popular young adult comic that features elements of steampunk and fantasy with a healthy dose of humor. Created by the husband and wife team of Kambrea and Thomas Pratt, the webcomic first set sail in 2010 and currently averages over a half a million monthly page views. A graphic novel of the first four chapters was released in late 2011 and has been well received.

Now rogue mage Crimson Rhen and the crew of airship The True North are flying toward mobile devices! Not content to simply rehash the same material that’s already been offered online and in print, the mobile version of Shadowbinders will feature something new — gamification.

The Shadowbinders stand-alone app allows readers to immerse themselves more fully in the Shadowbinders world by adding in a slew of bonus content and mini-games featuring the Shadowbinders characters, many featuring hand drawn artwork by series artist Thom “Kneon” Pratt.

To take it a step further, developer Steven English has added in-reader gamification elements such as unlockables, Game Center achievements and behind-the-scenes ‘pop up video’ style elements written by series author Kambrea Pratt.

For diehard fans, several premium exclusive donation rewards will be available with this Kickstarter campaign, including full-blown replicas of Mia White’s ring and Crimson Rhen’s burgundy trenchcoat. Winston the Feeb will be made available for the first time ever as an 8” plush.
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