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Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

This week, instead of moving to an exotic location, we think it is better to visit. The Top Five Places We Would Like To Go…


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  1. Good episode but the audio went a bit wonkie in the last half with Matthew’s audio clearly getting messed up some how.

    Otherwise the first half was really good.

      • Fair enough. It had downloaded so I thought I would check it out. I look forward to hearing the second half of the episode.

      • “Unoffical release”? I got it from the “Official” Podcast feed from itunes?

        “Remember, shows are only official when they appear on the website.” – Interseting distinction……

        #nottrolling #justcurious


  2. #5 Rodrigo’s comment about Car Henge got me thinking (I have been there) on this one. You know the joke about New Yorkers that have never seen/been to the Statue of Liberty or other New York area tourist type object? Well, the Midwest actual has a bunch of these types of things, and that would be the first thing to do, go to all the really easy ones that are right here. I know my home town itself has between three and five museums, only two of which I’ve actually been in, and my home town is about 4k population. There are all sorts of nifty things right in my area that I really should take a look at some time, much like the San Diego native should go to the San Diego Zoo and/or Wild Animal Park.

    #4 Which brings me to the next one, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park. I love zoos, and both of these are world famous. I’ve been to each of these once, more than and most of two decades ago, respectively. Now I’d like to go back with the experience it takes to appreciate some of the more spectacular events in one’s life.

    #3 In high school, I went to Europe, and one of the places I visited was Venice, Italy. While in college, my mother also got the chance to go to Venice and while there, she got a few pictures taken, as people are wont to do while visiting these places. One of these places was very recognizable and while there, I was able to find it myself and I and my friends got a very similar picture in the same place, years after my mom had visited. To the point now, my dad also did some out of country travel in college, down to Mexico to see Aztec/Incan/Mayan (not sure which, help me Rodrigo) ruins there and of course also has some pictures. I’d like to do the same I did with my mom’s pic and visit the same site to recreate some of the pictures my dad got while abroad.

    #2 Japan, specifically Tokyo. First off, for all the reasons Matthew stated in the show, Japanese girls, odd culture, etc. and the other touristy sites. There is one thing in particular that I wanna see though, the sight of the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender as my paternal grandfather was aboard one of the escort boats for the Missouri at the time of the signing (you can see the ship in almost all of the long shots from that day) and that seems like it might be a bit significant for me. (Apparently I have a real family thing going on).

    #1 Poland. It’s more of the whole family thing as my mom is 3/4 Polish and only a second generation American at that. I want to learn more about the largest part of my heritage, I want to see if I can find some distant relatives, and Polish food is amazing.

  3. The Finality of Fatality on

    Great episode this week!

    My two quatloos:

    5) The maritime provinces of Canada – I have this notion that it’s all bucolic fishing villages along the cold Atlantic coast. I am sure I am wrong, but still, I have this fancy that I’d like to live there.

    4) Pacific Northwest – To bask in all it’s liberal goodness…

    3) Scotland – I think everyone wants to see from where there ancestors came.

    2) The taiga of Russia – Mountains, rivers, forest from Lake Baikal to the Kamchatka Peninsula.

    1) Iceland – Volcanoes, vikings, elves! Seriously…Elves…

  4. 5. England/Whales – I’m. A huge King Arthur fan and want to see the places where thoae stories took place.

    4. Japan – mostly for the same reasons that Matthew talked about, to see if all the things I believe about Japan are true…and the girls are cute.

    3 – Australia, because it seems like the farthest away place i could go without freezing to death.

    2. Egypt – Also to see all the history first hand.

    1. Ireland – it is the home of most of my ancestors and i feel drawn to it…I can’t be more specific than that…but one day I will visit there.

    Also, i wanted to point out to Matthew and Rodrigo that the technology to get Stonehenge built did exist back in the times it was believed to be built. The mystery is the purpose it served. The culture that built it didn’t keep written records that we know, of but there is evidence they could have done it. I still agree it would be amazing to see it and if i ever make it to England it will be on my “must see” list.

  5. I’d love to go back to Hawai’i some day–I went there in 6th grade on one of the most amazing vacations ever.

    I also really want to go to the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas and ride the waterslide that goes THROUGH a shark tank. That would be incredible.

  6. #5 Anhcor Watt – these ancient temples in Cambodia are awesome half covered in jungle. Huge stone temples built on swamps! The engineering alone is amazing.

    #4 India – Ancient temples. The centre of several great empires. The Raj. The Taj Mahal. Bollywood! Elephants as transportation!! There would be so much to see there that it is kinda silly to say “india” but I would like to visit it.

    #3 New Zealand – I would like to see the places where LoTR was filmed. It looks amazing. It also has a great piblic library sysstem which as a librarian I am interetsed in.

    #2 Costa Rica – I have heard it is a natural paradise where you can ride horses on miles and miles of sandy beaches, go snorkeling, see exotic birds and lizards – you can go for the typical tourist experience or you can have a more normal experience if you rent a house in one of the small communities on either coast.

    #1 St. Petersburg – The winter palace, the Hermitage, They call it Venice of the North because it was built on a marsh and it was built around a series of canals. It was built by Peter the Great with slave labor on captured land as an elightenment city built in the European style. It is one of the cultural capitals of the world.

    A couple of notes = Living in Canada I can tell you that there is lots it see outside of Vacouver. I am from Nrwfoundland and we have a community called “dildo” next to a community called “come by chance” and near the community of spread Eagle. And , this is true, there is a hotel there caled the Dildo Inn so you can drive into town and ask “How far up is the Dildo Inn?”

  7. So stumbling upon this podcast very late I almost didn’t want to comment but figured that I might as well. As a foreigner (originally from the US) living in Japan there are a lot of random vending machines out there. Most of the Japanese information that has made it’s way to the United States has a mixture of truth and exaggerations. But wanted to mention that there are a ton of vending machines, anime culture is very big out there and the classics like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and so on. But as living in the middle of no where there is almost no technology and even in 2016, many people don’t do email, but still fax in a working setting.

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