MOVIES: Mads Mikkelsen in talks for Thor 2


Expect to see a lot, and I mean A LOT, of coverage regarding Marvel movies over the next couple of years.  The Avengers bump has created a buzz, and everyone wants in on the next bit of news.  On top of that, Marvel Studios is busy with sequels to all the lead in movies, and it looks like a villain for Thor 2 may have been found.

Mads Mikkelsen is in talks with Disney to play one of the villains in Thor 2.  We already now that Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki, so no one is really sure what role Mikkelsen will play.


I’m sure once the negotiations with Disney are complete, we’ll discover who the big bad will be, but for now, partake in some idle speculation in the comment section below.

Thor 2 is scheduled for a November 15, 2013 release.

via Variety