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  1. James Winston on

    Gotta go with Ted. He once proved he’s as good as the Bat in a fight. Not to mention he was on one of the kids tv shows on the local PBS as I was growning up.Dan was my dads Beetle and Jaime is my sons, but Ted….he’s all mine.

  2. Ted Kord will always be my Beetle. I entered comics-reading with the Justice League International, and Ted’s death in Countdown to Infinite Crisis consistently makes me tear up.

    Also Ted’s costume is the coolest of the three.

  3. Ted for me. I was introduced to him in Crisis on Infinite Earths. So he’s the first Blue Beetle I knew.
    But hey, I like them all. I just prefer Ted.

  4. Alexander D. on

    I’m going with Dan because the majority of Blue Beetle media I have listened to is the Radio Show. I loved it, and it has colored my views of the other Blue Beetles.

  5. J. R. Scherer on

    I enjoyed Ted Kord along with Booster Gold back in the Giffen/Maguire days, but I have to say that I do really prefer the new Blue Beetle overall.

  6. I go with Jaime Reyes, mainly because his armor is way cooler thant the others. Still new to DC, I don’t have enough knowledge of Ted and Dan to route for them.

  7. I am mixed on this one. On one hand, I have only read Ted when when he was in the JLI. On the other, Jamie is what we see on the different DC related animated shows. Toss up for me.

  8. Ted is for me.
    The only Dan that I read was as a mentor to Ted or back from the dead.
    Jaime was mostly on TV and I am certain one day he will grow on me.
    The JLI was a wonderful team and before Solo Ted was pretty keen.
    I am sorry he was killed by Lord and miss his teaming with Gold
    Ted is for me.

  9. I have read a plethora of both Ted & Jaime, love them both dearly. However at the end of the day, Jaime is MY Spider-Man, and I gotta go with my heart (DCNU not withstanding).

  10. This was hard. I love Ted Kord, as he’s the one I came to know first in the late 80’s/early 90’s. However, I voted for Jamie because I really liked how his story developed and still incorporated past Blue Beetle lore while taking a new path.

  11. Antonio Sanciolo on

    If there was a button for both Ted and Jaime I would have chosen that.

    As Jaime still has so much of his potential to live up to, I went with Ted Kord. Hopefully one day Jaime can be imbued with the same amount of character and charm as Kord has been by the likes of Giffen/DeMatteis et al.

  12. Ted’s nice and all, but unless he’s with Booster, doesn’t do a lot for me.
    Jamie is more rich and interesting character with more compelling stories.

  13. Okay way does everybody like Ted Kord so much? He’s done nothing imported and isn’t very interesting, Jaime Reyes is a much better Beetle and is becoming more popular.

    • Okay way does everybody like Ted Kord so much? He’s done nothing imported and isn’t very interesting,

      Well, part of it is that Ted was part of the Crisis On Infinite Earths, he was a key player in Legends, he had his own series for a couple of years, then played support roles in Justice League, Birds of Prey and across the DCU, all the while getting no respect and not expecting any. Ted’s heroic sacrifice is what triggered the heroes to find out about the conspiracy at the heart of Infinite Crisis (which wasn’t a bad tale in many ways) and there’s also his actual Silver Age adventures as drawn by Steve Ditko. In short? People like Ted Kord because “Important” and “Interesting” are in the eye of the beholder…

  14. Unfair poll!! I actually like Jaime and Ted equally.. I see potential for both characters for us in the DCU… But time will tell whether Ted’s death is still in continuity or not… Dan really hasn’t been used much at all (by DC) except for flashbacks from what I understand….

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