Yesterday, when responding to ABC News queries, Courtney Simmons, DC Entertainment senior vice president of publicity, narrowed the list of potential characters who will come out of the closet in June.

The Intardwebz feeding frenzy kicked off this past weekend at Kapow in London, where Dan DiDio stated that the company is about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and will now be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

This statement was all the fodder Fox News and The Daily needed to start speculating that Superman or Batman would come out of the closet. If that were true, Fox would have a field day with this, as Fox affiliate, Fox 5 News in Washington, D.C., already made a big deal of Catwoman having adult relations when the New 52 kicked off nine months ago.

Wild speculation from fans and haters alike named everyone from Tim Drake Wayne (Red Robin), to Doll Man, to Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), and even the upcoming appearance of Doll Man, but that list is now narrowed thanks to the comment from Simmons.

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June.”

That certainly narrows down the possibilities, and kicks Vibe off the list, as the last time he was a major character was back in 1984.

So who could it be? Looking at the solicitations for June, there are only two DC titles that may hint that something big is going to be announced.  The first is Green Lantern #10, that says, “Leads into next issue’s shocking turn of events that can’t be missed!” and Batman Beyond #5 that sees “the introduction of a major new character and tells and important story for Beyond and classic fans alike!”

Scott Snyder, currently writing Batman (and doing it quite well), stated in his Twitter feed that the character is not Batman/Bruce Wayne.

…But the announcement was “a character not seen since the relaunch will come out as gay,” so no, it’s not Bruce.

Not seen since the relaunch, and the fact that DC is saying character, not superhero, coupled with the fact that the character is male, should narrow the list down even more.  Jimmy Olsen is certainly an iconic character, and has been a hero a time or two, but he’s also appeared in the Superman titles since relaunch.

So who could it be?  More clues will drop over the next couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the character is outed before the June issue arrives.

FWIW: Wally West hasn’t been seen in quite some time…


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  1. I’d have more respect for DC if they just came out and send who it was rather than make a production out of it.

  2. I’m guessing Pete Ross. Been around for a while. Because of Smalleville people know who he is. And I don’t think he’s been seen since the new-52-skidoo.

  3. Not sure if Ted Kord counts as a major character but it would sure make us rethink his bromance with Booster Gold; but what I really want is for it to be Killowog.

    • No one has said high-profile. The company said “previously existing”, “major iconic”, and “male”. Major Iconic is not the same as high-profile… DC is being very specific with their use of words on this.

      • No one has said high-profile. The company said “previously existing”, “major iconic”, and “male”. Major Iconic is not the same as high-profile… DC is being very specific with their use of words on this.

        This is a good point. Is Plastic Man iconic? Hell, is Wally West? What “major iconic” characters have yet to appear in the New Fitty-Too?

  4. Jimmy and JoeM – Alan Scott’s already appeared in “Earth-2” and Pete Ross had a brief cameo in the most recent Justice League in a flashback to Clark’s youth. So they may be out.

    Also, “character” does not necessarily mean “Hero” or “supporting”. It could be a “bad-guy” as well.

    But, I guess that DC has to do something to try to top Marvel’s upcoming nuptuals for Northstar. It’s not like gay characters are something new in the DCU. Obsidian has been “out” for quite some time. Apollo and Midnighter were so surprise coming from the Wildstorm U. Batwoman, The Question and Maggie from GCPD are already established. Pied Piper was already introduced as a gay “villian” prior to Flashpoint. Scandal Savage from Secret Six. They’ve already hinted at Rose Wilson and Fairchild having a past as they set up the Ravagers series and the jury is still out on Barricade in Teen Titans. It seems this is simply being done to be doing it rather than filling a “gap” in the DCU society that already seems quite integrated.

    As long as it ain’t Uncle Sam or the Spirit, it doesn’t bother me.

      • Could be rather newsworthy as well… And an interesting spin… Plus the character (as far as I know) has not had a major female romance in the past… Tim Drake had 2 (between his initial g/f Arianna Dzerchenko and Spoiler Stephanie Brown)… Wally West had Linda… Plas has had a wife in the past, but I don’t even know if that character is in continuity or was just a g/f or what……. UGH!!

        • KevinPBreen on

          Yeah, past romances don’t count. This is the “new 52” so any prexisting backstories are subject to the whims of the editors.

          • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that comment is to a certain extent… It appears to me that in the majority of cases in the DCNU, the previous couples either have ended a relationship (IE and SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!

            the ending of Jay and Joan’s relationship in the first issue of Earth-2; or Lois and Clark and Barry and Iris where the couples were once married, and are now “just friends” for the time being… essentially giving us all a chance to see the romances start from the beginning again). It was also alluded to that Starfire and Dick Grayson still had a romance… I think one of the DC heads said something about a past with Green Arrow and Black Canary… So I really don’t think they have ended too many of these relationships… I will graciously accept defeat if it’s not Vibe… But I am pretty darn sure that DCNU Vibe is going to be gay… If for no other reason, than it’s a safe choice as I don’t think Vibe was really ever paired up with anyone during his short life…

  5. I think it’s silly to announce something like this. It doesn’t mean anything if it just comes off as a publicity stunt.

      • Lol…yeah. A girl I dated had a crush on him!

        I don’t know. I just know they’ll go for a big character and I think Dick is a strong enough character to handle it. And I think this would put a lot in Bruce’s hands as a character as well. And frankly, if so, I hope it dispels the “Bruce is an asshole to all his sidekicks” idea. I always hated that.

  6. brainypirate on

    OT, but what’s the cover image? Men of the JLA? It’s so big that I can’t scroll over to confirm that it’s GL’s ring on the far left.

  7. My money is on Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel). He hasn’t officially appeared yet (I don’t think unpowered Billy Batson counts ). He’s a major iconic figure. He’s about to be introduced big time so why not add this on?

    • Huh…I could deal with that. No one has really “found a home” for Marvel in this modern world so maybe this would ground him?

      Hey, in a few issues, it will be clear that besides the prejudice they have to deal with, gay relationships are just as messed up as straight ones and we’ll be back to chasing bad guys again so…whatever.

  8. I am sad that my Vibe guess is wrong. I think that it would have been pretty cool. Him being a former gang member and having a pretty cool power set.
    Wally West is my guess now as well. I can’t really think of anyone else that is Iconic that hasn’t gotten a book yet.

  9. Maybe someone iconic in the form of a popular character in a different medium?

    Beast boy perhaps?

    Did anyone say they were male? (they could have meant gay in the general sense)

    Ms martian?


    What’s his name – the magic guy who’s daughter talks backwards

  10. I don’t think I’ll jump on this like I did the New 52. It seems wrong to turn a character around this much. I am not anti-gay but does it have to be shoved in my face everywhere? Even in comics?? To paraphrase “Make mine back issue comics”, the new stuff is not for me.

    • To quote “Something Something Something Darkside”, “A long time ago back before the gays were all in your face about it…..”

  11. Yeah, I don’t think it’s Captain Marvel/Shazam/Whatever the lawyers are calling him.

    For one thing, he spends most of his time as a junior high kid. Now, that’s not to say that a person can’t be aware of his/her identity at that age, but I figure that’s just too much drama to deal with.

    Second, will this version of Captain Marvel be a separate character, apart from Billy Batson? [Huh, shades of Genis-Vell Captain Marvel] Could Shazam be gay and Billy Batson straight?

    How about Kamandi? Well, maybe not. “The last boy on Earth” thing kind of limits your choices, unless you’re into hybrids.

  12. I still think it’s going to be Rainbow Batman. Seriously, though, maybe it will be the Joker, and the thing he has for Bats may be even ickier than we ever suspected. And that would explain why Harley Quinn wants revenge on the Batman…. ewwww.

  13. I would guess it’s a hero that has not appeared that also did not have a major romance in the past… So I would count Wally West out as he did have a family and kids (while this could be his “beard”, I would hope that this is not the character as I liked the Incredibles vibe that the West family brought). I’m still voting on Vibe, as he may not have BEEN a major character, but with Johns writing him… He probably WILL be a major character coming up…

    On a side note, thank you to whomever made that April Fool’s joke about Johns writing Vibe: Rebirth, as it apparently didn’t hinder his resurrection any… And if I were Johns and read that, I probably would have revived the character just to be humorous…

  14. It’s Vibe. Seriously. DC publicity department has no real grasp over “iconic characters” other than to be a hype machine; and with Vibe appearing in Dc Nation shorts, he’s as iconic now as he’ll ever be. Then again; as an earlier poster said, the idea of a former gang member being gay would be amazing, and yet strikes me as far too progressive for a company thats trying to one-up the other sides homosexual mainstream story. WOO LOOK AT US MAINSTREAM MEDIA WE HAVE GAYS! AREN’T WE PROGRESSIVE NOW?!???? Sorry, but it should not be such a big deal that somebody, fictional superhero or not, has their own sexual preferences.

  15. Lex Luthor, maybe? It would add a twist to having his DNA contributed for Superboy, but adds too much of a Freudian twist on why he hates Superman.

    Of course, using a villian sends a different message than what’s probably intended.

    Lobo would be the funniest…

  16. Wade From Florida on

    Okay, male, previously straight, and iconic. How about a character who appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (that’s the one with the first Wonder Woman story)? That could be said to be iconic. The character was engaged to a girl, so probably straight. Who am I talking about? The Gay Ghost of course!

  17. KevinPBreen on

    DC is not above hyping some major change and then cheating. For example, Green Lantern, Flash and Robin have been “played” by various different people, so they could use Kyle Rayner or Damien and say they made the “iconic character” without changing the original icons, Jordan, Allen or Grayson.

  18. Adam Strange? He’s iconic in that he’s got that classic space man look. Or Lobo? He’d be awesome. Jericho? Has he made an appearance yet?

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