Marvel has released a sneak peek of Captain Marvel #1 that features the all new Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.

Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
From the creative team of fan-favorite writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and rising star artist Dexter Soy, Carol Danvers suits up to tackle a threat only she can handle. Earth’s Mightiest Hero has a new name, a new mission and all the power she needs to make her life a living hell. With Captain America guest starring, and covers by Ed McGuinness & Adi Granov – no fan can miss this explosive new ongoing that will send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. So what are you waiting for? Go tell your local retailer to hold you a copy – that’s an order!

Captain Marvel #1 arrives July 18, 2012.

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  1. Hate the mask and don’t really think the sash works but otherwise think the new look is pretty cool. Certainly a step up from “warbird”

  2. It has a very retro look that, combined with the art style, I kind of like.

    I’m not sure that she won’t look a bit lame next to modern-day superhero costumes when she starts hanging around those heroes. But I like that her look is distinctive.

  3. Looks more like a Captain Britain than a Captain Marvel suit to me.

    The interior art looks great though.

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    The cover art: hate the hair, love the sash, hate the rest of the suit. Sorry, but I actually =liked= the “Ms. Marvel” swimsuit/boots look as the Marvel U-version of Power Girl. And the interior art… It would be nice for an art gallery expo, but I like things a bit cleaner on the page. It’s too “watercolor splotchy” for me.

  5. I really don’t like the interiors at all for this. I mean sure it may possibly fit for a space type cosmic book, but just…no. It’s really to hard edged, if that makes any sense to anyone.

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