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  1. Please don’t make him Batman Please don’t make him Batman Please don’t make him Bat… Damnit.

    • Well, historically, Green Arrow was originally just Batman with arrows and a Robin Hood fetish instead of a Zorro one. So this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Especially since Smallville Green Arrow was just a stand-in for Batman since they couldn’t get the rights to use him.

  2. FINALLY!! YES! I am so excited for this! Hopefully this version of Ollie will be different enough from Batman to tell different fun stories. I want a strong Dinah/Black Canary to show up.

  3. Internal narration… ugh… show, don’t tell.

    Interesting that they’re starting with a protagonist with his “powers” already as opposed to building them up over the series / time.

    But with that body, I’m sure the audience is willing to look past a multitude of sins as long as the series can provide at least baseline entertainment. From these humble beginnings we might get some interesting stuff down the line….

  4. As much as I like the character of Green Arrow, I really wish they’d chosen another hero after his inclusion in about half of Smallville and it having only ended not all that long ago. There are probably many people who hated Smallville so much and knew about the character appearing on the show who will not even give this show a chance because they will probably assume it is tied together.

    But if this show does well, maybe we’ll get to see more DCU characters show up on TV. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that some channel will create a JSA, Legion of Superheroes or even Infinity Inc. live-action series.

  5. I am an archer and I have never seen a human shoot that fast.
    And, I watched it a couple of times and could not spot any editing …
    Maybe this guy really can shoot that fast!
    Damn, I’ll watch this just to get some archery tips!!!!

  6. Oldcomicfan on

    Nice. But good Lord, do they have to be “stylish” and give EVERYBODY tattoos? First Sherlock Holmes and now Green Arrow! I wonder why they don’t just do a new Batman series if they want to do a Batman series. Or are they afraid people won’t accept a non-campy Batman series? Or do the movie rights prevent a television series?

    • The movie rights prevent television non-animated appearances. I forget the exact wording, though, but it is why they never made the proposed Smallville meeting of Clark and Bruce, and it has something to do with why they could only show snippets of Batman on Birds of Prey.

  7. Why – with the success of Marvel’s near-direct translations of Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor to live-action – does DC consistently feel the need to screw around with their characters names and costumes?

    It’s GREEN Arrow, not Arrow. And at the end of the day it is a show about a costumed vigilante solving societies problems through violence with medieval weaponry. So why not just put the character in his costume and let him do his thing under his rightful name? Did “Birds of Prey” teach DC nothing? Geez…!

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