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Writer Scott A. Bachmann and artist Scott D.M. Simmons (KNIGHTS OF P.O.W.E.R.), with cover artist Marisa Livingston are proud to announce that the first issue of OUR SUPER MOM is now available in print, just in time for issue two to begin online at

OUR SUPER MOM follows the story of Liza, the super hero known as Paragon – who has retired from crime fighting and world saving to take on the more challenging task of raising her family. It’s not easy being famous, or giving up her amazing heroic adventures, but it’s no easier raising two children, and Liza’s greatest challenges lie ahead of her. Although her duties as Paragon are never completely behind her, and Liza is still occasionally called to action, she’s saved the world enough times that now she’s putting her family first.

OUR SUPER MOM is the third comic from ScottComics, following on the heels of RAYMOND HARDCASE and LAWS OF MOTION. ScottComics is an independent comic publisher who has been on the scene since 2010. Writer/Publisher Scott Bachmann has been attending the comic convention circuit promoting all three titles, along with artists Mark Smith Jr. (RAYMOND HARDCASE) and Scott D.M. Simmons (OUR SUPER MOM). RAYMOND HARDCASE and OUR SUPERMOM are both published weekly at and respectively, and can also be found from the ScottComics home page at (where you can also find the archives of the on-hiatus LAWS OF MOTION).

“In every super hero story the hero sacrifices everything to be the hero, and every parent sacrifices everything for their children, but what if you had to do both?” asks writer Scott Bachmann. “As kids, we all know that our mom is super, but what if she really was? I wrote OUR SUPER MOM to explore these themes and put them head-to-head, while making sure to have lots of fun along the way.”

OUR SUPER MOM #1 is a 20-page softcover comic for $3.50. It is available for purchase online via Indy Planet at or in-person from ScottComics at any of their convention appearances. The online archive of OUR SUPER MOM can be found at


The letter S can stand for many things, but in this case, it mainly stands for Scott. ScottComics is the brainchild of writer/publisher Scott Bachmann. The indie press publisher has been in existence since 2010, and focuses on comics that explore the heroes beneath the costumes. “People are people whether they have superpowers or not,” says Bachmann.

ScottComics currently publishes two comics, RAYMOND HARDCASE and OUR SUPER MOM. Archives for both comics can be located at (where you can also find the archives of the on-hiatus LAWS OF MOTION). RAYMOND HARDCASE updates on Mondays, and OUR SUPER MOM updates every Friday.


Scott A. Bachmann is a freelance writer and the author/publisher for ScottComics. Scott is the author of OUR SUPER MOM, RAYMOND HARDCASE and LAWS OF MOTION, along with the superhero novel THE PARAGON OF ANIMALS (which serves as a prequel to OUR SUPER MOM). Scott is also a contributing writer to Comic Hero News ( Scott is a software project manager with a Master’s in Human Factors Psychology, and is the Secretary for the Board of Directors for the Dayton Playhouse. Scott has two children, and lives with his wife Anita in the Dayton, Ohio area.


Scott D.M. Simmons is a freelance comic book and sketch card illustrator, known for his artwork for STAR WARS licensees, the Arcana graphic novel THE DEAD CELL, indie comics like OUR SUPER MOM, HALLOWEEN MAN, and HERO CHRONICLES, and his creator-owned series KNIGHTS OF P.O.W.E.R. His inking work has appeared in Image Comics’ recent HACK/SLASH collected volumes and in various HALLOWEEN MAN stories. His sketch card artwork has appeared in sets for STAR WARS, DYNAMO 5, ZOMBIES VERSUS CHEERLEADERS, SHEENA, GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS, and more, with base card art also done for a few sets. He has contributed art for Moonstone’s VOLTRON: UNITED and DRAWN, NEW COMIC DAY, and MR. JIGSAW. He was once a photographer at Hasbro Toys, and is also a news and photo contributor for Comic Related ( Scott and his wife live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. His art portfolio can be found at


Marisa Livingston is a student studying the arts in Detroit, Michigan. She hopes to work on more comics and animation in the future. You can find her work at her Deviant Art page at

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