There were over 8,000 midnight launch parties for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III – the mega game that made people fans of Blizzard long before World of Warcraft.

Twenty years have passed since the Prime Evils were defeated and banished from the world of Sanctuary. Now you must return to Tristram and investigate rumors of a fallen star, an omen that the End Times have begun.

Did you pick up the game when it launched? Have you played it already? We want to know what you think! Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and reactions to the game.



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  1. Well, my lucky self (for a change) lives in Europe, where the game unlocked earlier, so I did get to play it. In fact, I woke up early today to get in some game time before I left for university, then played it a few more hours when I got back.

    And it is an absolute blast to play. I’ve only played one class, the Barbarian, as I found him the most fun during the open beta weekend. And it continues to be enormous fun. I send monsters flying all over the place. I cleave through them, causing them to explode and damage their neighbors. I leap unto the pesky casters and bash them into oblivion. Or maybe I harpoon multiple monsters, dragging them into reach of my whirling blades (well, sickle and axe, actually).

    A special note must be made about the death animations of the monsters. They are just bloody epic. And kills from critical hits have special animations, whether it’s sending corpses flying through the air by so much damage that their very flesh falls off their bones, or decapitating a goat-man in one stroke.

    The online authentication can be a bit pesky, but hasn’t caused me any trouble so far. Looks like Blizzard has another hit on their hands.

  2. If i could get on the server I’d be able to talk about it – but I’ve managed about 15 minutes of gameplay so far…

    That said one of my co-workers who took the day off has already beaten it after 14h of gameplay.

  3. ~wyntermute~ on

    I’ll say it on behalf of those in the same boat as me, then they won’t have to.
    “Nope. My computer won’t run it, and even if it could “always online” (if it really is what it sounds like) ruins it for me.”

  4. I got to lvl 7 today with my wife we enjoyed it for the limited time we could play. It looks great plays well have to get used to the controls (wow player here) looks like a fun time sink.

  5. Dave Waller on

    I’ve invested about three hours in the game so far and while its a beautiful game I, personally, find it to be a pale imitation of the older versions. I mean I get that I’m old now and probably no longer the target demographic but it no longer feels like a CRPG to me. When you level up you have no options for picking attributes, skills, attacks, etc. You get one skill option and I don’t see that you really get the opportunity to specialize your character and choose the strategy for destroying the enemy. It feels like there is no uniqueness to the character as you level up. The online requirement really sucks so far. Last night I was kicked out of the game twice. I think it was my cable provider not Blizzard’s servers but still it bothers me that I can’t play the game off line.

    Ultimately, I still play Diablo 2, 12 years after its initial release. I don’t see playing this game 12 years from now and while I don’t do much computer gaming anymore this will likely be my last Blizzard purchase.

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