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  1. I’m interested but very disappointed that they are revealing Parker’s secret identity to Gwen in the very first movie.

    I’m sure that will be all moving and such, but it is far too soon in the new franchise for such a thing. The writers are bypassing the great conflict stories to come from Parker protecting his secret identity to go right for the “This is the real me” punch. No approval from me.

    So it looks like maybe the Lizard is trying to do something to irradiate all of New York? Maybe unlocking each person’s inner potential?

    Just guessing there.

  2. Eddie Sheridan on

    Every time I almost get into this, some character will whisper something about “the truth” or “no accident” or some other conspiratorial mumbo-jumbo. This may be cool for younger readers, but it’s not the Spidey I grew up with. I always thought it was kind of cool that Peter was what he was – a kid who happened to get bit by a radioactive spider. Not a fan of all this conspiracy theory stuff. Just my two cents.

  3. I blame Batman ’89 for that. We can’t have Bruce Wayne simply suffer a tragedy, oh no. The Joker did it!

  4. Is this supposed to be a reboot of spiderman or a continuation? Because unless I was delirious and imagined about ten years of Spidey comics, Pete endured high school, graduated, went to work for the Daily Bugle etc., etc. long before he met Gwen Stacey. In fact, I think he had a thing for Betty Brandt for a while before Gwen. And if I remember right it was the Green Goblin who kidnapped and killed Gwen, not the Gizzard. Still, this movie is looking better and better.

  5. brainypirate on

    NYC has had a biological attack, but the FF and the Avengers are nowhere to be found….

    Meanwhile, everytime I see Spidey stop that car from falling off the bridge, I think of Gwen Stacey’s neck. We all know this story (however many movies it takes) ain’t gonna end happily…..

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