As summer quickly approaches, and we worry about bathing suit season, it brings us to this week’s battle royale.


A mutant originally depicted as an obese circus freak, the Blob claims to be immovable. He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass, which grants him superhuman strength and his own gravitational pull. Possessing the mindset of a bully, he mostly uses his powers for petty crime and as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force.



Bouncing Boy is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. He is Chuck Taine of Earth, and he has the power to inflate like a ball and bounce. He received his powers when he accidentally drank a super plastic formula which he thought was soda pop.

Two enter, one will leave…


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  1. Lee Smith (SawHat on BGG) on

    I went with the Blob. The Blob would squash Bouncing Boy under is enourmous weight. Punching him wouldn’t have any effect. I have this funny image of Blob using Bouncy like one of those inflatable punching balls on the end of a piece of elastic.

  2. I went with Bouncing boy since this (a) still in “comic book”-verse and (b) basically a “bully” vs “victim” fight. According to comic book law, the bully almost never wins.

    But of course, Bouncing boy is loosing because of the bad picture and all…

  3. Josh "Spaceboot" Treleaven on

    I voted for the Blob, based on the descriptions given in the poll. I’m not otherwise familiar with either character. “Immovable” seems more impressive, and useful, to me than “bounces all over the place”.

    Technically everyone has their own gravitational pull, but in comic book logic, I guess that means something different.

    I think what clinches it is the “superhuman strength”. This is not mentioned for Bouncing Boy.

    I don’t know how much control Bouncing Boy has over his bouncing, but if it’s a lot, then it’s virtually equivalent to flight, and the poll becomes “super strength or flight?”

  4. I’m sorry, Matthew. I believe that the Blob’s power set will give him the edge to endurance in this fight that will lead to a win.

    Chuck would put up a terrific fight, but I believe that the nature of Chuck’s power still require him to exert effort in order to maintain his bounce. Gravity and friction should still apply on some level. This small but persistent application of force should exhaust him at some point.

    • Let’s not forget that Chuck can use the Legion flight ring, which, in a way, does cancel the gravity argument here…

      Mokin wants so much to vote for Bouncing Boy (his favorite Legionnaire…), but he agrees that power wise, he’s no match for this tub of lard that his Blob…

      But Bouncing Boy would put up quite a fight…

  5. James Winston on

    I voted for Dukes because he’s the obvious winner in a balls to the wall fist fight but Chuck would win any other kinda fight. Ya see Chuck would used his brain. Think of the Blob as the wrestler The Big Show circa 1998 and Bouncing Boy as Matthew. Both girthy guys but Matthew would realize like Chuck that the best way to win would be to trick him into doing something that the Blobs mass would be a hinderance.

  6. I went with Chuck because:
    1: I look like him. Seriously.
    2: He is smarter than the Blob.
    3: He has the ring in addition to his other powers.
    4: He’s the hero (which always helps).
    The fight would start as a standoff. Sure the Blob is stronger, but he won’t be able to hurt Bouncing Boy. Even if Blob lands a blow, Bouncing Boy will just go bouncing off and come back and bounce into his face.
    The extra gravitational pull won’t help because of Bouncing Boy’s flight ring.
    After a while Bouncing Boy will come up with some plan to win. Maybe pull a Br’er Rabbit and get Blob to take the ring and set it to just let Blob float in mid-air and not get anywhere. Then gently bounce him to prison.

  7. Jamba the Hutt on

    Sorry Matthew, I went with Blob. Mainly because I’m way more familiar with him, but also partly because of the X-Men arcade game…apparently “Nothing moves the Blob”. All that Chuck could do is bounce on him. No dice.

  8. Georgedubya on

    Gotta go with the mobility on this one. While Blob’s powers should make him the more formidable, his stupidity would be his downfall.

    Bouncing Boy has both the brains and the mobility here. Blob would lose.

  9. Bouncing Boy, because he’s from the future and they’ve probably developed a way to defeat super-heavy guys by then.

  10. Have you ever watched a group of kids try to catch a bouncy ball after being thrown up in the air and it starts going everywhere, that’s how I imagine the fight going.

  11. I went with Bouncing Boy because he is a fond memory of my childhood. Though he was one of the more useless members of the Legion of Superheroes, he was a goodhearted soul. The Blob is a stupid idea for a character that Marvel attempted to make relevant by upping his power set to ridiculous levels. In a battle between the two, Bouncing Boy would simply bound out of reach, and use his flight ring to stay of of reach. The Blob would get frustrated and keep increasing his gravitational field to try to pull him down, until he pulled the moon out of orbit onto his own head. Bouncing Boy would fly down and cram Nutra-systems diet meals down The Blob’s throat until he choked. Battle over.
    Now, if it was the pink Blob from the 1958 movie, then the Blob would simply engulf them both and consume them.

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