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It is with both optimism and sadness that Oni Press announces the departure of a longtime employee and the addition of two new members to its sales and marketing team.

Thomas Shimmin and Amber LaPraim are taking joint positions as Marketing Coordinator, while the current Director of Marketing, Cory Casoni, is leaving Oni Press to consult for NAMCO BANDAI Games, Inc. as the Head of Marketing for ShiftyLook.

Casoni joined Oni Press in 2008. Prior to becoming part of the company he had been manufacturing T-shirts for Oni Press, including the well-known Scott Pilgrim limited edition shirts. Casoni was the first hire in a series that led to the current complement of employees now at Oni Press.

“Transitions are always a little difficult, and always a little bittersweet,” Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack said. “We hate to lose any of our valued workforce, but at the same time, we can’t begrudge Cory for accepting a great opportunity when presented. He’s got a passion for gaming and comics, and this new job combines both. In his time with us, Cory has been integral to growing Oni Press’ presence in the existing marketplace and finding us new markets to sell our comics. Under his guidance, we have successfully launched some of our best-selling titles, including The Sixth Gun and the award-winning graphic novels One Soul and Petrograd. He was also at the marketing helm during the height of Scott Pilgrim mania. We couldn’t have weathered that without him.”

Both Shimmin and LaPraim joined the Oni Press Marketing Department earlier this year. Shimmin has been working with Casoni interfacing with direct market comic retailers, including a concentrated push for Brian Churilla’s buzz book The Secret History of D.B. Cooper. LaPraim has been operating as Oni Press’ logistics coordinator and organizing convention appearances, including recent stops at the Emerald City Comic Con, Stumptown Comics Fest, and Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

“Having the staff already on board makes the switchover all the easier,” said Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones. “Tom and Amber are more than ready to step into this position and we’re excited to have them on full time.”

Founded in 1997, Oni Press, Inc. has become one of the comic industry’s most well respected independent comic publishers; focusing on genre, character, and story driven creator-owned work.

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