TOYS: Back to the Future LEGO sets


Grab your hover board and avoid kissing your mom as we wait and see if LEGO approves the designs for these Back to the Future sets.

LEGO Cuusoo has again shined light upon design goodness in the form of three Back to the Future sets. You can take a look at the designs below.

Now that the project has hit 10,000 supporters, LEGO will now go into official review of the project and see if it fits within their target market and other business factors to decide if they will move into the development stage. If you look at other properties that LEGO has taken on it would seem this would be an ideal production choice, especially since the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future is approaching in a few years. I’m hoping that this project is given the go ahead so I can have time traveling fun, and the DeLorean would look great sitting next to my Tie Fighter.