GAMING: Joker brings Last Laugh to DCU Online


Coming this June the infamous villain of the DC Universe will be coming to DC Universe Online bring a long list of updates and challenges.

Sony Online Universe has announced the fourth downloadable content package that will be released this June. The DLC is called The Last Laugh and features the Joker bringing mass chaos throughout the city. Developers heard what the players wanted and that is what this DLC focuses on, player-vs-player combat. Four on four, multiplayer brawls will now take place inside safe houses while opposing sides try and accomplish tasks along the way. A new weapon is also being introduced called The Shield that will allow characters to throw it from a distance or get nice and close for a bash on the head.

The Last Laugh will be available for download in June on PC or Sony’s Playstation, with Legendary player’s receiving it for free and Free and Premium players having to pay an unreleased price.