The work of cosplayers has always been fascinating to me. Their dedication and attention to minute detail in costumes is awe-inspiring. So when I saw this homemade Mark VII suit I nearly lost my mind. Take the jump to see.


Anthony Le built this Mark VII suit and it is one of the coolest costumes I have ever seen. Just having a full Iron Man suit would be an accomplishment, but then having moving parts for mini guns and jet pack? Fantastic. Hey Anthony, enter this year’s Major Spoilers Costume Contest!


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Zach is a recent college graduate who’s love for consuming media is surpassed only by his love for creating it. He has a firm belief that if we could all just play with LEGOs for 30 minutes a day the world would be a better place. If those two statements don’t tell you everything you need to know about Zach, follow him on Twitter at @zwoolf.


  1. Brannigan's Law on

    At what point are you not cosplaying anymore, but instead building your own suit of real Iron Man armor?

  2. I saw this a couple days ago. He’s built a number of pretty sweet Iron Man suits, but this in easily tops them all.

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