You might have heard a little bit about this new “Avengers” movie, and a few of the interesting reveals set up therein.  Without giving too much away, Loki’s army of Chitauri foot-soldiers implies the potential existence of at least part of Marvel’s cosmic reality, and coupled with implications of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie project, the possibilities of Nova, The Silver Surfer, or even a Kree-Skrull war film dance like sugarplums in my big rubbery head.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is thusly expressed:  Which of Marvel’s space-faring characters do you MOST want to see on the big screen?


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  1. Adam Warlock I guess would be a win as long as he gets some of his side characters and they go the mystery route around him.. I doubt we’ll get a Surfer film as I believe those rights are currently elsewhere.. Nova.. Captain Marvel… Quasar.. Draxx.. there’s a ton of options they can go with specially with a certain purple titan’s involvement…

  2. I say go big or go home.
    If the Infinity Gauntlet is possibly in play for the next Avenger’s movie then I’d like to see Eternity make an appearance.

  3. I am guessing that with DC Comics resigned to rename Billy Batson Shazam and with the Skrull in the movie I could agree with the Skrull Kree War and the appearance of Captain Mar-Vell (Marvel). Assigned to protect earth and landing in Florida where he is betrayed and in an attempt to kill him a human is killed. The human looks remarkably like Mar-Vell and so he assumes his identity and protects humanity. He is wearing his military uniform when he saves the day and then gets deemed a super hero, eventually he gets semi-phenomenal nearly cosmic power. Could make for a good movie.

  4. Lee Smith (SawHat on BGG) on

    I’m going to go in the opposite space-direction and say “Micronauts”. I loved the Micornauts, it was the first series (I think) that I was able to get on-board with from issue one and followed it all the way through to the end of the second series and loved every moment of them. I am a sucker for any story that has Bug in it (i.e. the new Guardians of the Galaxy) and would be first in line to see Rann and Acroyear fighting Baron Karza.

  5. Slimeknight on

    I would want to see the guardians of the galaxy (starlord first version) really just to see rocket and groot. I AM GROOT!

  6. They were on the new avengers cartoon and it was pretty good. Loved when hulk ripped off Kroots head and the head was still saying “I am Kroot”

  7. KevinPBreen on

    “Without giving too much away” THANK you! IO9 saw fit to reveal who appears in the closing credits in AVENGERS, and the Village Voice felt it wasn’t a spoiler to reveal the ending of CABIN IN THE WOODS in the first sentence of their review – which appeared on my local showtimes page when I didn’t even ask for it. Appreciate your withholding the spoiler for at least a week after the movie opened. Major Spoilers has now become my default site for news items.

  8. I’d be interested to see them do a Adam Warlock/Magus movie – where the identity isn’t revealed till the end and you can have a noble sacrifice – allowing a “cocoon” to appear in the next Avengers movie mysteriously

    I’m hoping they add Beta Ray bill in Thor 2 – allowing him to be a Guardian, thus linking those universes

    Nova may be a bit too Green Lantern for Marvel to include unfortunately – and i doubt they’d include any skrull or Kree until those races can get introduced better.

    Draxx would NEED to be in the movie – maybe it could start with him and his daughter getting transformed? I hope they go the new knife wielding bad ass version and not the dopey original.

  9. ETERNALS – Think of think of the possibilities; Space based Titan Etrnls & Earth based Olympian Etrnls – the coming of the Celestials, the Aztec/Mayan connection – the Uni-Mind, the Deviants…with an awesome, well researched/paced script it could be like 2001/2010 meets Aliens x Highlander.

    Nuff Said! (mighty Stan, forgive me for using the sacred words).

  10. I’d love to see the Richard Rider Nova, but seeing as how the new Sam Alexander Nova is all the rage these days, I’d settle for Rocket Raccoon or Drax the Destroyer!

    • Well after this weeks Avengers Assemble, there’s a good chance we may be seeing the return of Richard.

  11. Space Cadet Juan on

    They’d be nuts not to do a Captain Marvel movie– I mean, the guy’s got the company’s name right in the title.

  12. I’d like to see them go up against the Universal Church of Truth.

    @Dan. I think machine Man would be a good anime, or weekly tv series..

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