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As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Roman Dirge’s twisted creation, Lenore, Titan Comics is delighted to announce that Lenore is now available digitally on ComiXology and iVerse for the first time!

From the wonderfully twisted imagination of Roman Dirge, Lenore is one of the funniest, darkest, cutest, creepiest characters around, and has become a huge global hit.

Lenore is a 10-year-old undead girl who lives in a mansion with an assortment of weird and creepy friends, including Ragamuffin (a vicious vampire trapped in the body of a rag doll toy), Pooty (a former bounty hunter for the underworld), next-door neighbor Taxidermy, and her obsessive admirer Mr. Gosh.

To kick-off the cute little dead girl’s digital debut on ComiXology and iVerse, Titan Comics is releasing both the remastered colour editions of Lenore Volume 1 #1-4 (‘Noogies’) and Volume 2 #1-4 (‘Swirlies’) on May 9. See where Lenore began twenty years ago, with four classic issues, AND how far she’s come, with the latest excretions from Roman Dirge’s fertile mind!

Available now to read on the iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Kindle Fire, these digital issues are a must-have for tableted-up Lenore fans, and a glorious introduction for the uninitiated.

Look out for Volume #1, #5-13 on ComiXology and iVerse in the next two months, as well as same-day digital editions of all forthcoming Lenore comics when they hit the comic store!

Lenore fans are urged to join Lenore Comics on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with new releases and 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of Roman Dirge in 2012 and help celebrate 20 years of Lenore!

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