TOYS: Minimates stands are perfect for action poses


As much as I love taking pictures of the multitude of Minimates filling up the bins in the Major Spoilers HQ, the little buggers just don’t stand up well. And if I want to get a dynamic action pose, I’m pretty much hosed unless I get out my tools to build something myself. That is why two Minimate stands from Luke’s Toy Store have my attention.

The first stand is a simple flight stand that allows the heroes (or villains) to soar above the rest of the figures for some cool flying action.

Two foot pegs hold almost any Minimate snugly atop this lofty base. Characters with oversized feet can be positioned on the stand sideways.

The other stand is perfect for aerial combat situations.

Each swirling arm has a strong foot peg at the end of it. Even non-flying characters can use this stand, as most comic book battles involve plenty of jumping and dodging. This high quality semi-translucent plastic stand fits all standard 2″ Minimate feet.

The first stand is only $3.99, and the Dueling Flight Stand is $6.99. So worth picking up if you are passionate about your Minimates.

NOTE: Diamond Select Toys wants you to know that some characters do come with flight bases and rocket bases (see our previous coverage), and nowadays most Minimates releases come with a circular display base to keep the characters from falling over.

via Luke’s Toy Store