It’s here! It’s here! Marvel’s The Avengers is finally here!  Even though we have read the reviews, and even though the movie opened internationally over the last couple of weeks, those of us in the U.S.A. finally get the chance to see what all the hoopla is about.

Did you see The Avengers?  What did you think?  Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.


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  1. Hahahahaha.
    I’m just happy. For ONCE I got to see the movie before all of you guys did.

    It was amazing, by the way. I love pretty much everything Joss Whedon does and I’ve been waiting for this movie since FOREVER, so I was already pumped, but this movie exceeded my expectations. Every one of the avengers got GREAT character moments, the funny moments were unforgettable, and the dramatic moments were.. magic. Great character interaction, it’s amazing how many important moments were crammed into the movie.
    Chris Evans made a way better Steve Rogers this movie than in Captain America, by the way. Everyone here loved it. I just wish they knew how awesome the post-credits scene was.

    Mark Ruffalo made a surprisingly good Hulk/Bruce, by the way. And there was a twist to his relationship with the Hulk in this movie that sheds a whole new light on him in a very novel way.

    • +1 to everything Armaan said, including the bit about watching it earlier. :-D Even the 3D (oh ludd, what a scam… but I couldn’t find a single decent place to watch it in 2D at :-\) wasn’t enough to spoil it.

      The two things that pleasantly surprised me about the movie: 1. Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk just stole the show. Hulk beats everything. 2. Women who actually do stuff! Although given Joss Whedon’s involvement I really shouldn’t have been so surprised.

  2. J_Michael_T on

    I plan to watch it this weekend with the kids. I’m posting my thoughts before watching it to see what my opinion is after I watch it. I follow several comic book writers/artists/etc on Twitter, as well as several “international” Spoilerites, and the buzz so far has me thinking that I am going to see the greatest superhero movie ever! I hope I’m not disappointed or expecting too much. I would love to see something great done with this franchise. I haven’t loved all of the movies leading up to this one but I have not hated them either. I think it’s been done very nicely. I think what I have really enjoyed the most is the pleasure derived from sharing something I grew up with (superheroes and comic books) with my kids without having to explaining that “ok, it was a bad movie but I loved the character growing up” – – so unlike the Star Wars prequels ;) (don’t hate me!). I’m a little bit less of a nerd after they saw the movies :D

    My update soon after I watch the movie!

    • J_Michael_T on

      So good I am going to watch it again this evening!

      It really is that good. It’s hard to comment without spoilers, but I think it was well executed mainly because it left the exposition and character backstories to the “prequels” and instead focused on superheroes being superheroes. It is the opposite of watching “Wolverine” and walking out going “it was good but I really wanted a Wolverine movie where Wolverine goes berserk and does his Wolverine thing.”

      This movie does not disappoint. Jeez it’s going to make a lot of movie…

      The Dark Knight better bring it!

  3. Saw it last night……..Hands down the best comic book movie adaptation ever. I am really hard pressed to find anything that I didnt like a about it. But I will stop now before I spoil anything

  4. StellarLeader on

    The movie is just perfect. Special effects are good, acting is good, action escenes are good, humour moments are good, story is good, characters are good. Every character has his or her moment of glory. The entire audience laughed, clapped, and roared in excitement in unison. Not many movies are able to do that. The climatic battle is epic. And the final escene! Oh my. When does the sequel come out?

  5. I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it.

    I am not sure, however, how much I will love it the second time round, since you will take a deeper look at the plot then. The movie did not have a lot of exposition, but focused more on action (and Whedonesque one-liners). It felt like instant gratification throughout… which is okay, since we have been waiting for this movie for five other movies now.

    I enjoyed it and will surely purchase it on DVD. It felt like Whedon did a lot, if not everything, right with this one.

  6. The Great NateO on

    Oh My Getty Aunt!

    This movie was OUTSTANDING, I went to see it at 12:01am EDT (it has been over 10 year’s scene I have done that and now I’m working on 2 1/2 hr sleep but it was 228.53% worth it. To start off were sitting there waiting with about 10 min before the start time and the theater guys like “Having an issue with the projector we need to move you to another theater” then it just went nuts as everyone ran not walked to the new location. Then it started 15min late, but we did see an awesome Spider-Man trailer.

    I must say if you do not think this is the best super hero move of all time, I will go to your house and I will fight you. The Hulk stole the movie every time he was on the screen. It was nothing short of pure greatness (I should know) everything tied into each other nicely and the action, oh so much action. I love the cinematography just loved it. It was mind blowing to say the least; the angles and having you watch a car get hit and flip over from the pov of being inside of it was magical. All the actors did a great job with the back and forth. We had a lot of cheering and F- Yeah going on as well. I will be trying to take my son to see it this weekend if he has time for it; again I have not seen a movie more than once at the box office in over 10 years as well. YES IT’S THAT GOOD!!!!

    Not to spoil too much but YES, Stephen CALL IT on the tie in for the next movie during the end credits, and make sure you stay till the very end the funniest 2 min of the movie.
    At the end of the movie I was so pumped up that if they played it again I would of stay and watched. It took me a half an hour to get to sleep when I go home.

    So I give The Avengers 5 out of 5 slices of meatloaf (That’s the whole loaf!)

  7. Saw it last night in NYC with a packed house. This was the best superhero movie I’ve seen in the past ten years. Joss did a great job in every facet of the film. There’s nothing wrong with the movie, and everything right. You’ll experience every emotion and scream ‘Hell Yeah’ at two dozen times. This movie lives up to the hype. Can’t wait to see it again.

    Remember to stay through the credits, I nearly jumped out of my seat at the reveal.

  8. I agree with the guy who said the Hulk stole every scene. for sure. Ruffalo was absolutely surprisingly awesome. like he was born to be bruce banner!

    that said, i also agree with the post that there was not a lot of exposition and the script could use some help. i wanted Joss Whedonesque banter and got some of it, one-liners, etc., great – but a lot of STORY was sacrificed for action. pretty typical – which is NOT what we come to expect from Whedon. so in that way, i was a touch disappointed. also if you haven’t seen every single movie with these characters so far, you will be completely lost on a lot of what little story you will get out of this.

    all in all, decent enough setup for what will undoubtedly be a long list of sequels.
    and the final post-credit scene is DEFINITELY SOOOO worth the wait :)

  9. So I wanted to see this in Imax. The only Imax in the state of Arizona(place with the Grand Canyon for those international spoilerites) is down in Phoenix, which is a two hour drive. No problem bought tickets online, made plans, worked hard to get off work early. I get down there at about 5pm and no one at the box office has me in their computer as having bought a ticket, also there is no showing in the Imax, despite it showing up as such at the website. Anyway, luckily they were not sold out to the regular 3D version and I was able to get family and I in for another $40 to see the most awesome movie which is Awesome. I was also disappointed at the lack of costumes at that theater, I had even brought a camera to take some pics for the site but the closest thing to a costume was a plastic Capn shield, mjolnir, and a small compound bow.
    So was it worth the 2 hour drive there and back with work today at noon? Yes however I want my first $40 back. Even with it not being at the IMAX, sure just unfortunate.

  10. don murray on

    About 42+ countries saw this nearly two weeks ago, in the UK, I saw it the Thursday it came out, and it is the best film this year out of my 30+ I’ve seen to date. I saw the nice clear 2D digital, not the rubbish that is 3D. Still want to kick the teeth in to the UK market publicity who decided to call it Avengers Assemble over here, so they really messed up, when the second one turns up, which makes sense calling it Avengers Assemble, what are they going to do? Call the second film Avengers, you have no idea of just how many people are laughing hard at this, and will be getting import once the film comes out Xmas on Blu ray, just to get the title right. Even the ticket stub printed out at cinemas has Avengers on it, booking too, even on line: says Avengers.

  11. The build up from each individual movie and the wait for The Avengers was worth it. Holy crap did I love that movie. I moved around so much in my seat that my wallet fell to the floor and I “lost” it. I had to wait around this morning for the cleaning crew to reclaim it. Just a testament to the stellar movie that is The Avengers!

  12. Just got home from seeing the flick. It was completely worthwhile.
    I even plopped down the extra bucks to see it in Imax 3D and I wasn’t disappointed.

    This is a movie I will see twice in theatres.

  13. The movie was fantastic, well worth the wait. That poster look’s like someone’s photoshop effort. Black Widow and Hawkeye are wrong for a start.

  14. Kevin Flythe on

    I expected this to be loud and fun, and at the very least enjoyable. It turned out to be an amazing moviegoing experience. It was everything I hoped and more. While I felt there was a bit too much humor for humor’s sake that didn’t quite gel with the tone, the moments were at least truly funny and didn’t derail the film. I was quite pleased to get a character-driven scene or two between Hawkeye and Black Widow, and felt that Captain America and the Hulk were used even better in this film than in their solo efforts. The action scenes were fantastic, especially the hero vs. hero stuff (we may decry Avengers vs. X-Men, but this film proves how awesome two of our favorite good guys going at it can really be and why it has such lasting appeal; I was breathless when Thor finally smacked Hulk with Mjolnir, as well as when Mjolnir met Cap’s shield). There were moments when the audience cheered, and it’s rare (for me at least) to see that anymore. When the credits rolled, I was smiling. When I saw the after-credits scene, although I pretty much knew what it would be, I needed a change of pants. Also, as a side-note, thought Ms. Smulders did quite well in her under-played role of Maria Hill, and look forward to seeing more of her in action should there be a sequel. Most fun I’ve had at a superhero movie since the first Iron Man, and well worth the overpriced movie ticket. Dark Knight, you’d better bring it if you want to be more than a footnote compared to this one.

  15. The thing that i enjoy the most about going to see the movie was been thinking in the theatre ” Yes, people, that’s exactly what’s fun and cool about superheroes”

  16. The_Bear_Jew on

    its like if you take the pure ecstasy of true love, combined with the awe inspiring power of the sun, and added in the heroism from 9/11 first responders.

    Long story short, I loved it.

  17. Melanie1001 on

    Epic, epic, 1000 times epic! This is what superhero movies are supposed to be like! And man – I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bruce Banner/The Hulk played better – I’m truly glad to know Ruffalo has signed on for 6 other movies. This movie takes the 5 slices of meatloaf, the green beans, the bread and the beer I had to wash it down.

  18. DarkReaper on

    I say the move last night and was completely blown away, I even went with are a hardcore marvel fan just too make sure I was not fooling myself. I walked in think that with so many heroes at once, someone was bound to not get enough screen time but by the powers of Joss Whedon he made it work. I have already set plans to go back tomorrow for another showing, this could not have turned out better without being super nit-picky.

  19. I saw it last week (I’m in Australia). I honestly wish I could have my money back. Loki was pretty good, the Hulk made me want to see the planned Hulk movies, but that was about all, the rest was tedious. Whichi is not to say it’s a bad movie – just that I didn’t enjoy it. My friends are evenly split between really, really not liking it and really, really liking it. I hope you’re in the latter camp.

    • Kevin, above, says “The action scenes were fantastic, especially the hero vs. hero stuff” – that’s one of the things I really hated. To me, those fights were a complete waste of time that contributed nothing to the plot. But you enjoy that kind of thing, then you’ll enjoy the movie.

      • The hero vs hero thing to me was in line with the characters and how Loki was (trying, succeeded too) playing them against each other

      • Kevin Flythe on

        I can understand where you’re coming from, but my inner fanboy couldn’t help but squeal with glee. I didn’t feel the actual fights were gratuitous, I felt Whedon did the best job he could of making them feel organic in the context of this film and this Marvel movie universe while still giving fans like myself what he knew we wanted. One of my favorite fights is the non-fight between Hulk and Black Widow, real tension there. Scarlett did some good work in that scene. If there was one ‘fighting’ scene I didn’t enjoy, it was the quarreling scene on the helicarrier. I felt it was drawn out a bit too much and stretched credibility to hammer home a point that could have been made more subtly.

  20. Raistlin Majere on

    I agree with those that say this is what a superhero movie should be. Honestly I am really hard to please when it comes to my entertainment but these movies are really fun. Looking forward to where they go next.

  21. I saw with my preteen year old daughter. She loved it so much she was describing it to her siblings this morning. We discussed it on the way home. I really love that I could share it with her and that she was laughing and clapping just as much as I was.
    In addition, I just love that Joss Whedon & Zak Penn were able to succeed in giving the Avengers a good reason to get together. The movie could have been the “you all meet at a tavern” tale I was anxious about but it wasn’t.
    4.75 slices of meatloaf. My only small quibble is that Black Widow’s reactions to the Hulk always rang false.

  22. Balian Ironguard on

    Adding my two cents to the already full bucket. Someone’s let the fans make this movie. There are elements throughout it that no “square fat cat” would have green-lit. Almost all the characters got the screentime that made a meaningful ensemble movie. The only real quibbles (and these are MINOR) are Black Widow and Hawkeye not getting quite the same moments, and the scope of the movie might have been a bit too high for a first outing. All in all, great movie. Remember to watch the whole thing, cause there are 2 post credit sequences.

  23. Hotimus Prime on

    BEST comic book translated to movie EVER!!! Even forgetting the fact it’s superheroes, this is in the top ten best action/adventure movies EVER!!! The effects were seamless. I’m do glad they’ve treated comic book based movies with more respect these last few years and stayed away from the overly campy. The books I’ve grown up with had their fun but also had serious tones. Kudos to Josh Whedon and Marvel in general for treating the essence of the characters RIGHT. If only DC could finally do this with the Justice League.

  24. Been traveling for work and had the pleasure of seeing this in Australia last week and enjoyed it so much I went for a midnight showing this Thu/Fri. It was better than I hoped, exceeded expectations, and executed so well. That isn’t to say I’m without criticisms, but whatever issues I may perceive are more than outweighed by the magnitude and multitude of awesome executed.

    My actual biggest concern is less this film and more its impact on future films (while I love the execution, I fear the wrong lessons may be learned from this film by other film studio execs) much in the same way the big crossover event has impacted mainstream comics. Yes, they’re awesome when “done right” (such a trite phrase wrought with unspoken expectations and pitfalls), but too often they become something that holds the rest of the universe hostage where nothing “matters” unless it is in the event and the events themselves start relying on wrote mechanisms in order to “matter” (things start getting held back for or because of the event, etc). But that’s worry for another day / thread.

    I had concerns about the reveal mid-credits, but after speaking with someone who had a vision for what it could lead to I’m much more enthusiastic.

  25. Oldcomicfan on

    Just got back from the theater and I’ve got to say this is one of the rare instances where a comic book movie is better than the source material. I loved this movie, there were so many great moments in the thing! And it could have gone oh so wrong in so many ways. When I first read that Hawkeye and Black Widow were going to be on the team, I groaned and hung my head and expected less than stellar results. Those characters are, after all, second stringers at best in the Marvel Universe. Hulk vs. Loki was worth the price of admission all by itself! I will admit, though, that I went to see it in 2-D. My generation was just a few years too young to witness the 50’s 3-D craze, so when modern 3-D came out a few years ago, I thought OH BOY a chance to see what the fuss was all about! After a few movies in 3-D I thought OH DANG they should have left in dead and buried back in the 50s. Leave it to Joss Wheadon to pull off another triumph! And deliver a finger in the eye to those lamebrain television executives who cancelled Firefly! I liked the way all the other Marvel movie franchises have built up to this one movie, though it seems like it’s taken a long time to get there. The four years between The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers seem almost like ten. If movie bundling like this is going to become the standard among series movies, they need to seriously give some thought to doing a Peter Jackson and filming the whole series similtaneously. It worked for LOTRs and I hope it works for The Hobbit, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for something like the Marvel franchise or, say, the Star Trek movies. Good movie! Go see it!

  26. SpiderLover on

    Saw this movie on opening night and just wow. It was great I saw a comment on the hero vs hero thing and I just chuckled. Its standard comic book team coming together thing and I thought it was a nice little nod to that. It didn’t last long and it was fine because it gave each of them a little respect for each others might.

  27. brainypirate on

    I’m always bothered when action movies have huge fight scenes in metropolitan areas yet don’t show any civilians being killed. Same thing here: the civilian casualty count has to be greater than that of 9/11, yet the creators don’t want to show us any of that, so that the happy ending can make us all feel good instead of providing a real sense of the cost of battles such as these — and a sense of why we need teams like the Avengers in the first place: to keep that casualty count low.

    Also, would it kill them to at least acknowledge that the FF and the X-Men exist (but can’t be brought in in time to save the world, perhaps)?

    Best performances: Ruffalo and Paltrow. And I was pleased that Black Widow actually had things to do.

    Biggest flaw: not enough shirtless men.

  28. Decent job. I really thought it would suck, like most Marvel movies do. Spiderman should have had a cameo. They were promoting everything else why not that?

    Didn’t like the Cap jammies!

    • Marvel doesn’t currently own the movie rights to Spider-man, that’s why not. You think most Marvel movies suck? I’ll agree on certain versions of Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider 1 and 2, the 2004 Hulk, and probably a few others, but these recent ones starting with the 2008 Incredible Hulk were quite good I think. Of course I see varying degrees of quality from movie to movie, but overall I think they did a great job with the solo movies and a better job with the team movie. What’s your opinion?

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