These days, 80% of my conversations are with either confused customer service agents or my eight-year old, and generally, the eight-year old has a higher quality discourse.  We were talking tonight about her latest fascination, the 80’s adventure cartoon “Jem,” and how she has a cool pink roadster with her name on it, which stemmed into a discussion of cool superhero’s cars.  The Quinjet, the Fantasticar, even the much-maligned Supermobile all had one thing in common:  They looked AWESOME, even if they made no sense.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is this: What’s the coolest pop-culture mode of transport?  KITT?  The Batmobile?  Inspector Gadget’s helicopter hat? 


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  1. The Great NateO on

    I would have to say any of the vehicles that were in MAMAMAMA M.A.S.K. I always wanted the motorcycle that turned into a helicopter.

    • RobCooper22 on

      I immediately thought the same thing. The idea that you could open the gul-wing doors of your sports car and it could fly as if they were wings is stupid awesome!

  2. Ever since I could drive, I’ve always wanted to have access to a Transporter from Star Trek. I would be running late getting home and think “Man if I just had a Transporter I would be home right now and not get in trouble” :)

  3. For me it’s gotta be the jet “The Mirage” from silver hawks. You could get around really fast and when you wanted to you could cloak half the ship.

  4. The Tardis. I’m not even that huge of a Dr. Who fan, but it’s hard to beat a police box that’s capable of going anywhere, any time, is far larger inside than out, and makes an awesome sound when it appears.

    Either that or Snoopy’s doghouse when he uses it as a Sopwith Camel.

  5. I’ve got a four-way tie for personal favorites, in no particular order:
    – The Doctor’s TARDIS
    – The DeLorean from Back to the Future
    – The Millennium Falcon
    – Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters

    But if I had to choose one, it’s the TARDIS.

  6. TARDIS, it’s a multi-leveled house that can travel through time and space, takes less parking space then a hybrid and runs on a near infinite energy source, oh and it regenerates.

  7. Gotta be the Ark II. Ever since I was a wee lad I’ve dreamed of driving a giant Winabago meets Oscar Meyer Wienermobile around an apocalyptic wasteland with a chimp named Adam

  8. Oldcomicfan on

    It has to be the 60s TV show Batmobile. Sure, it was just a Lincoln Futura with the middle of the bubble top removed, bat scallops cut into the tail fins, and few idiotic details glued to the thing, but it was the coolest thing on the TV show! Runner up would be James Bond’s Austin Martin with the missles, ejection seat, absolutely useless bullet proof shield that pops out of the trunk, Ben-Hur hubcap tire slicers, and other gadgets. Corgi used to make a marvelous diecast toy of it that had all the features working, but my parents never got it for me, boo hoo. Third place would be the airplane/car/submarine/rocket ship from Fireball XL-5. These things all impressed me so much as a kid that I still remember them half a century later! Things like Kit the talking car and the Tardus just can’t compete.

  9. Oldcomicfan on

    * If you wonder why I said the bullet proof shield on James Bond’s Austin was useless, it’s because what good did it do to have a steel plate rise up to cover the back window when none of the rest of the car was armored against bullets?

  10. Mike Keller on

    I generally agree with Prospero and Ricco. Although I must also give a retro shout-out to “The Train” from Wild-Wild-West. Before steam and gearpunk, there was that gadget filled steam train James and Artemis cruised around (and entertain) in. Coal fired coolness. :n)

  11. All great choices, but they aren’t going to beat the General Lee!

    A better question: which was the worst?
    I can’t decide between the Spidermoibile and Speed Buggy…

  12. Clearly the Winchester’s 67 impala needs to get a shout out here. Weapons in the trunk, legos in the dash.

  13. How about the Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar from Zyurangers, you know, the Green Dragonzord to everyone else except Matthew and myself :) ?

    A drill for a tail, missiles, a total offroad package, and when I lose my keys, I can just call it up with my dagger!

  14. Jeremie Dunlap on

    You can’t leave out the Mystery Machine…. If my wife would let me, I’d paint a van to match…. and drive it around wearing an ascot.

  15. I’d probably say the TARDIS but the Legion flight ring and time bubble run close second and third.
    In reality a vintage Impala like the Winchesters’ in Supernatural would be awesome to have!

  16. Sean Murphy on

    The tv-series Batmobile was my first thought, but if we are talking my eight-year-old self it was either the Mystery Machine or the Flintstone’s car.

  17. ghostmartian on

    Well my gut reaction was hot rod from transformers “if your gonna ride Danno, ride in style” and I’ve always been a fan of carpet from Aladdin, but the dalorean is absolutely the right answer.

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