Studio 407 sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the upcoming Havoc Brigade, that you can check out, after the jump.

Born from war and engineered to be the ultimate weapon for peace, they are the man-powered mobile suit armada known as the HAVOC BRIGADE and they’re storming comic shops this July! Studio 407 proudly presents a fantastic futuristic war thriller by writer Neal Marshal Stevens (13 Ghosts) and sensational new artist John Bosco. So this July be sure to strap in and experience the non-stop action thrill ride of HAVOC BRIGADE!

“We here are Studio 407 are extremely excited to to bring this suspenseful sci-fi epic to fans of good war stories and great comics!” Says PR & Marketing Manager Ivan Salazar. “It paints a terrifying world where war has dominated for decades and now in a time of fragile peace a new threat arises. With a clear correlations to today’s modern conflicts, HAVOC BRIGADE brings outstanding story-telling wrapped in a haunting vision of the future of war.”

“Neal Marshal Stevens and John Bosco are a knock-out team-up that really bring HAVOC BRIGADE to life.” Says Managing Director Alex Leung. “Bosco infuses his panels with so much movement that it propels Stevens’ suspenseful story of modern war at a blinding pace. Once you start reading you’ll want to read it all.”

In the near future Europe a is a war ravaged wasteland locked in decades of conflict, but a new hope comes with the creation of an elite squad of man-powered machines – the HAVOC BRIGADE!

After ending the war and bringing a new era of peace to the world the Havoc Brigade is forced into retirement. But when the former commander steals the military’s latest Havoc-class prototype and murders the only ones that can stop him, the flames of war begin to rise again.

Sergeant Barnes the only other surviving member of the Havoc Brigade must now go toe-to-toe with his mentor and stop him from leading terrorists in igniting another world war!

HAVOC BRIGADE is an all-new, fully colored, softcover graphic novel written by Neal Marshall Stevens (13 Ghosts) and illustrated by John Bosco. This title goes on sale July 2012 and carries a $12.99 price point and a Diamond Code of MAY121279.

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