It was delayed several months, but finally, the collected hardcover of The Art of Amanda Conner has arrived.  Stephen thought it was so wonderful, that he ordered TWO copies.  And since he is the generous person that he is, he’s giving one lucky Major Spoilerite a chance to take Amanda’s art home.

Which brings us to the MS-QOTD, “What character, or property, would you like to see Amanda Conner take over on an ongoing basis, and why?”  You’ve got until May 07, 2012 to share your answer, at which point, we’ll pick our best answer to receive the prize.



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  1. Tony MacKenzie on

    In the She-Hulk series that Dan Slott wrote, there was a bit where Shulkie was on trial for fiddling with the time stream, and the prize was her very existance! A bunch of different artists contributed to little flashback stories, but my favorite, without question, was the one drawn by Amanda Conner.

    In it, Wasp has her trying on a bunch of diffferent costumes (I nostalgia’d a bit), but in the end she proves she’s a hero no matter what she’s wearing, and Conner’s art just brought that sweetness through by the bucketload.

    My answer is a Slott/Conner She-Hulk title: I’d buy that in a minute.

  2. sebastian burton on

    That’s easy, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Amanda Conner join Kelly Sue DeConnick on the new Captain Marvel series. I’ve seen preview art and am really not sure that the painted style of the interiors is the way to go. Plus she could do justice to the brilliant McKelvie design and rocket the book up the charts with two female creators on one of Marvel’s top female super heroes!

  3. Easy, tap Albert and Lanning to write again and with Amanda Conner on art and Bam! Guardians of the Galaxy. With A&L plot and planning with Conner eye for the visuals, Blockbuster hit plus I’d love to see her take on Rocket Racoon.

  4. This one easy. Black Cat with Jimmy Palmiotti as the writer. My reasoning for this is that Black Cat is very much like Power Girl, a character that is know much more for their bodily assets rather then their great character personality. Conner and Palmiotti both show what they could do with Power Girl creating what was in my mind the best ongoing series of 2010 with a stories that were inviting, sexy, fun and more important show the best of who Karen Starr/Power Girl was! They would do the same with Black Cat and more important bring back a sense of respect to the character that Slott and the rest of the current Spider Man crew has never had for the character. I have no doubt that the stories would be fun, energetic, sexy, and treat both the character of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat and Peter Parker/Spider Man with the utmost respect. No mask sex, no “Yuck Yuck Yuck that Parker Luck”, No Peter will always be loser, and especially no treating Felicia like a slut to be passed around the Marvel U like a beer bong at a collage keg party. Conner is the women for Black Cat!

  5. Amanda Conner is one of my favorite artists, I would love to have the book and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive in stores for the last year.

    I would like to see Amanda take over DC’s Birds of Prey book. She is great at the female super-heroes and would do a fabulous job of Black Canary and the rest of the Birds. If DC would get Gail Simone back on the book that would be even better. If not the Bird, then she could do the new Worlds Finest for DC. She has a history with Power Girl already would do the same justice for Huntress.

  6. Kevin Kortekaas on

    It’d be interesting to see her do some Batgirl, I think she could bring out some interesting things in Babs.

  7. While I’m very sad that Jonathan Hickman is leaving the Fantastic Four, if Amanda Conner was announced as the new artist for the Fantastic Four, my frown might just be turned upside down. She breathes such life and vitality into her characters that a FF book with her art would just be a whole heckuva lot of fun.

  8. I think I’d like to see Amanda Conner play in the Fables Universe.
    After doing a quick survey of her art, it seems that she can render strong female characters and rakish rogues very well.
    The world of Fables has all of that in spades.
    It would be very interesting to see her take on Cinderella or Aladdin.

  9. I think Amanda Connor should draw an Iron Fist comic. She does actions well. She can also do the quiet moments that Iron Fist needs when he is being completive and/or meditative without it looking static. I would also love to see her take on Fat Cobra. That would be quite a sight to behold.

  10. I’d love to see Amanda Conner take on the Legion of Super-Heroes. Her cartoony lines fit perfectly with that franchise, probably better than any other artist on the street. She’d be able to have a lot of fun with the sprawling cast and convoluted relationships. Imagine an Amanda Conner Laurel Gand. Or and Amanda Conner Dawnstar. Or an Amanda Conner Lightning Lass. I bet her interpretation of Matter-Eater Lad would be awesome as well– no one does expressive faces like she does, and her attention to detail on wisecracking Tenzil Kem would RUUUUUUULE.

  11. The first thing that comes to mind is Worlds Finest, she would handle it perfectly. But anything she was in on would get automatic points in my book, I love her art, it is always top-notch.

  12. Jamba the Hutt on

    I wasn’t familiar with Amanda conner before the show and in hearing of a contest where free things may be passed on to me I hurried to the google and looked over her work. It was most impressive. While initially I thought of titles such as Powers or Fables, I really enjoyed her take on characters like Black Cat and Catwoman. This lead me to a difficult choice, would I wish to see more of her Selina Kyle or more of her Felica Hardy…? And the answer, well the answer came in a strange way. I read today that DC was going to be putting out six new titles, included in them was a new “World’s Finest” starring Huntress and Power Girl. This is an excellent opportunity to see Amanda take on all sorts of characters from the DC Universe. DC may need a shot in the arm with the relaunch of this title as it typically features two of the universes mainstay male heroes, and her art and drool inducing takes on the those two heroines may be just what this book needs to solidify sales. I say let her run wild on “World’s Finest” and let our eyes and minds run wild in the aftermath.

  13. Kevin Mack on

    Amanda Conner is an amazing artist, with a real geniue talent, and for me, I would love to see her take over the Green Hornet. Especially with Britt Reid, Jr and Kato’s daughter. I would love to see Jimmy Palmiotti writing it. And best case scenario, as they’ve talked about being friends, Covers by Darwyn Cooke. Tell me that wouldn’t be an amazing book. They wouldn’t be able to take enough of my money!

  14. I’d have to toss in my hat for Amanda’s take on Mary Marvel. It would be a fun series having Amanda’s humorous perspective on a teenage girl with the powers of a god, fighting evil AND balancing out going to highs school, boy crushes, being a young crime fighter and having a brother who’s the world’s mightiest mortal.

    It should be a funny series where Mary could go around meeting all the DC female heroes and learning from them what it takes to not to just be a hero, but a female super hero. Imagine Mary being shown around by the Huntress and being told that she should cripple criminals since they’re all bad and will keep committing bad acts unless you hurt them; then next issue Wonder Woman tells her that bad guys can be rehabilitated and to show bad guys a better way of life; then another issue Power Girl tells her to watch out for criminal pervs committing crimes just to cop a feel off of them!

    Plus Amanda could then draw a cute Hoppy the Marvel Bunny to pal around with PG’s Stink the Cat!

  15. fire hazard on

    I noticed most people are limiting Ms. Connor to a female oriented book , not sure why! She can draw the male form also! So with that said I believe she should draw Avenging Spiderman because its a monthly book and isnt part the monthly Amazing Spiderman story line (for now anyway). Teaming her with Zeb Wells on writting would make the most hallarious book on the rack. Spiderman would get into all kinds of humorus situations with Zeb writing and Amanda drawing. If there is a need for a female voice in the book they can add black cat as a side kick!

  16. I’d love for her to do a Star Girl/Cyclone book, because I think she could bring the right look to these two characters, and make them attractive without it being over done.

  17. Kevin Ashby on

    Ms. Conner has got to have some ideas for a character of her own. I would love to see what she would come up with rather than just reworking someone else’s creations.

  18. Me three for Palmiotti, Gray & Conner on She-Hulk. Why? ‘Cause not even the ‘Fourth Wall’ can contain the dynamic trio!

    ’nuff said ;-)

  19. Brad Barnes on

    WONDER WOMAN, not only because no one draws better-proportioned women than Amanda Conner does, but because Amanda Conner draws every female DCU character with specificity and panache, two qualities that are not always in abundance regarding our Amazing Amazon! Brian Azzarello’s New 52 relaunch is the sharpest take on Wonder Woman since Marston passed this mortal coil, and to have Amanda’s featherlight touch alongside his Greek-dipped prose would be comic book nirvana!

  20. Ricardo Guajardo on

    Amanda Conner would be perfect for a Ms. Marvel series (new series with the updated look or old look). The character is strong personality wise & would benefit from the slick designs from Amanda Conner.

  21. Steve Atkins on

    I think there are still some great stories to tell with the characters in PLANETARY. I think Amanda would be great at both the older, pulp-inspired characters and the main characters (I’d love to see her take on Jakita Wagner).

    Just a thought.

  22. Not sure if it’s too late but I think she would be great on Avengers Academy. It looks like her art makes everyone kinda youthful, which is good when dealing with kids, and I would be interesting to see how she handles some more of the non human (looking anyway) cast memebers. I think it would probably push her as an artist since she seems to have focused mostly on human characters.

  23. I love Amanda Conner’s work and more than anything I’d like to see her go to work on Wolverine & The X-Men. I think her art would so perfectly compliment the way Aaron is writing the series. I would especially love to see how she draws the younger characters like Broo, Quentin, and Kid Gladiator…not to mention Deathbird!

  24. BLACK WIDOW! I think it’s often overlooked how well Amanda draws action sequences (mainly because her character design is so distinctive), but with the upcoming “high profile” appearance of Black Widow in THE AVENGERS movie, I bet she could handle the artwork on a monthly BW book that would be sure to be a hit!

  25. Anything that is her OWN property, after nothing but company-owned work for so long. More Gatecrasher. More new stuff!

  26. I would want to see her tackle Harley Quinn. The poor character has been slutted up, butchered, and completely violated in so many ways that I think only Amanda Conner can do a faithful rendition of Harley Quinn while adding her own style, without ruining or completely changing the character as some jerks have in the last few years.

  27. I was going through a lot of Amanda’s art on Google today and as soon as I saw her variant cover for Secret Avengers 6 my first thought was she should draw Black Widow. Beautiful cover. One that I almost mistook for an Adam Kubert drawing.
    Then I remembered that I personally like Amanda on fun books. Power Girl and Wednesday Comics are perfect examples of fun books.
    So what book do I think she would be great at?
    Mark Waid has done a great job getting Matt out of his dark days that was such a staple for the character. He’s made Daredevil such a more relaxed character and I think Amanda would do a great job continuing to show that side of Daredevil. I’m not sure if Amanda is really an ongoing artist, but I think her doing a rotating schedule on it could definitely work. Maybe pair her up with Mike Allred, who has expressed interest, in the letter columns, to draw Daredevil. They both drew in Wednesday Comics.
    I would love to see her take on Daredevil’s radar sense and if Black Widow and Elektra happened to make guest appearances during her arcs, I don’t think anybody would complain.

  28. Lynnie Henderson on

    She’d be perfect for a return of Spiderman Loves Mary-Jane — a slightly more “mature” version, that is.

  29. Kevin Flythe on

    I know I’m posting late, but frankly, by this point, I expected someone to have already taken my answer of… BOOSTER GOLD! I was thinking back on the talk you guys had about SyFy doing Booster Gold on the podcast a while back and was just really excited about how much potential there is for that series to be a really fun take on superheroes. Also, Booster has always been one of my favorite characters because his book works best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and just delivers the fun that makes me love comics. I have never been a huge fan of Power Girl, but at a friend’s recommendation I did pick up the first trade of the recent pre-New52 Power Girl series and loved it because IT WAS A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN!! I kept picking up the book until it completed its run, but the best issues were definitely the first 12 that featured the writing of Palmiotti and Gray, and, of course, the fantastic art of Amanda Conner. That book brought the fun (and the funny), and the artwork was no small part of it. Given the trainwreck that (IMHO) New52 JLI has been, I would love to see my man Booster get some solid treatment from a reunion of that creative team. The lack of a Booster title has been one of my biggest complaints about the New52, and for me JLI has been a bit of a dud. I can always catch my Guy Gardner fix in GL Corps, but I need good Booster, and with Amanda and the boys, it could be GREAT Booster. Plus, if anyone interested in the upcoming SyFy series wanted to check out Booster Gold before the show began, a comic with this creative team would get a lot of people excited, and maybe give the writers of the show a good idea of what works best for the character. So, whaddaya say? Wave 3, anyone?

  30. T. R. Nordyke on

    Like to see Marvel publish a “Woman” magazine (Carol Danvers was editor) spotlighting adventures of Women of the Marvel U.

    Ms. Conner could explore Untold stories of Miss America … Namora … Clea …
    Nova (Herald of Galactus) … Gamora … MoonStone … Jean Grey/Phoenix … Madame Mask … Invisible Girl (Untold Stories Sue Storm “Secret” Agent of Shield circa 1967) … Betty Brant (What IF Spider-Girl adventures) … Nikki of the Guardians of the Galaxy …. The Red Guardian II (Soviet era) … Etc.

    Using the Old Marvel Spotlight/Premiere format Amanda could explore the entire Marvel U. As
    Part of “WOMAN” magazine/comic there could be a Lady Liberators ongoing backup story.

  31. So who exactly was the lucky winner and their idea that won? Didn’t see a post where it was announced or is that upcoming?

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