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We’ve seen her grow up. Now, Publishers Weekly has announced that the lovable tyke from the Li’l Jinx strips has earned a sequel to her critically acclaimed debut, titled Jinx: Little Miss Steps. The first volume established Jinx as a teenager entering her first year of high school and dealing with the drama that comes with adolescence. The follow up will continue the themes from the first book, as well as introduce some new characters to the cast.

Fans of the first installment will be happy to know that the creative team of Schuster award-winning author J. Torres and Eisner award-winning artist Rick Burchett will be back for round two. Torres offers a glimpse of what to expect, stating “We’ll see Jinx finding her niche at the school, which of course will involve a team sport. We’ll also continue fleshing out the supporting cast and exploring Jinx’s relationships with them.” The writer also hints at “possible romance.”

Attention will be paid to Jinx’s mother, who was seldom seen in the early Jinx strips, and sat the last book out. The tone of the book maintains its “real, not ideal” status dealing with relatable topics such as divorce and living up to your parents’ expectations while still keeping things fun with Jinx preparing for a school dance as the cover would indicate.

In preparation of the second volume’s release, pick up a copy of Jinx Volume One, available now at the Archie Store.

Rather get it digitally? Here’s the link for all your Archie digital needs.

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