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      • So the rest of the arguments are academic at best.
        DC vs Marvel may never have happened in the New 52, but it is still in canon for Marvel.

        Unless someone comes up with a way to turn Gamma Rays into Kryptonite, its gonna be a big-time beat-down on the Jade Giant

        • That brings up an interesting theoretical “What If” idea: What if the Gamma Rays produced similar radiation to Kryptonite? It may not hurt Superman as bad, but it could weaken him a bit.

          Or what if the radiation that changed him into the Hulk were tainted by some slight magical element? Again, it may not stop him in his tracks like a blast from the magical Shazam lightning, but it could give Hulk an edge.

          I still think Superman would win, it would just be a bit harder.

  1. J. R. Scherer on

    It all depends on which Hulk is involved and whether it’s Pre or Post-Crisis Superman. Pre-Crisis Superman treats Hulk like a joke when they fight in the 1981 Superman and Spider-Man Marvel/DC crossover, easily withstanding the Hulk’s punches without flinching.

  2. The Great NateO on

    ME SAY HULK, in an all-out smack down Hulk would win. The more you piss him off the stronger he gets. Superman needs the sun to power him and that battery will go low. Now it may take a few days but Superman will fall to HULK SMASH!!!!!

  3. GeorgeDubya on

    I’m torn and tend to agree with J.R.

    Superman is pretty much the “Oh, and he has this power too” hero stereotype. While Hulk is incredibly powerful (especially when looked at solely through the lense of the other being in his comic universe), he just doesn’t stand a chance against the seemingly endless string of powers that is Superman.

  4. Hulk SMASH Cape-Man.
    I mean, take top of the line Hulk and Superman. Because it’s more fun that way.
    Superman isn’t quite the strongest, most powerful. Ultra Boy is slightly stronger, Mon-El just a bit over his power level. The point is that Superman tops out on power level. Hulk on the other hand gets stronger and stronger without limit. At some point Superman will annoy Hulk (by just continuing to fight) until HULK SMASH CAPE-MAN!

  5. As much as I hate Superman, I think that unless Hulk got his hands on magic, Superman would win easily.

  6. You are assuming that it will be only a slug fest. Superman DOES have other powers… Also, depending on which version of the Hulk, Superman can out think him.

  7. Gotta go with Superman.
    Superman has the option of throwing Hulk into orbit. Then Supes would benefit to continuous exposure to the sun and some of Hulk’s attacks would lose efficacy. (It’s hard to do the “shockwave clap” when there aren’t enough molecules around to vibrate.)

  8. I vote Superman, in keeping with Mathew’s Distance Theory. Their strength may be comparable if they go toe-to-toe, but Supes’ other powers (heat vision, cold breath, FLYING etc) means he can inflict damage from a a safe distance.

    • GeorgeDubya on

      I think you mean jumping instead of flying. C’mon now, we’re talking about Major Spoilers, Stephen won’t accept flight as one of Superman’s powers.

  9. Superman, get’s my vote. He can keep Hulk at bay with eye beams, and worst comes to worst, I don’t think Hulk can survive the sun. Though I am reminded of a little lyric from an Ookla the Mok song…

  10. brenton8090 on

    I have to agree. Superman throws Hulk into the sun. Done deal. And barring any extenuating circumstances, getting stuck on an alien planet is not a problem for the man of steal. In a battle of the tanks: the flying tank wins.

  11. I have to agree that Superman should be able to outthink almost all versions of the Hulk. Bruce Banner should be able to take out Superman though.

    • I was thinking along the same lines. Bruce could whip up something to exploit one of Superman’s weaknesses.

  12. Why are people arguing that Superman would throw Hulk into the sun? This isn’t how Superman thinks. Superman will not kill, he will simply attempt to stop the Hulk.
    The Hulk, however, does not stop. The Hulk will only get madder and hit harder.

    Superman could attempt to win by flying and using heat vision, but hulk heals fast enough to render the Heat vision Moot (as happened when “professor Hulk” fought Vector of the U-Foes). Also, Superman has a tendency to “fight down” to the ability of his opponent. He didn’t fling Doomsday into the sun when they first fought. Heck, it was a while before he realized he would have to even fling Doomsday into space, and even then it wasn’t into the sun.
    No, Superman would try and win a slugfest, because that is what he does. While he is busy doing that, Hulk is getting madder and madder. As Superman is busy slugging it out, he isn’t realizing that Hulk is getting madder. You know what happens when Hulk gets Madder….

    • BigPapaRama on

      I support Sydness because I want Hulk to win.

      I will now put my fingers in my ears and sing “La, la, la la la” so that I can’t hear all the legitimate reasons Hulk would loose.

  13. aerohalen1 on

    Being that either one has a knowable physical limit,i would pick the Hulk because i think Supes would worry and care about collateral damage and the Hulk wouldnt.

  14. gammafighter on

    I think this one comes down to “whatever is convenient for the plot”. Superman could get away from the Hulk pretty easily if he ever started to lose, but Hulk’s healing would make him too hard for Superman to take down. I gave it to the Hulk because I just like him better.

  15. Like I’m sure Matthew will say, go with the one who has eye beams. I voted for Superman because at his base strength level they are about equal, but he also has other factors that bring him above and beyond Hulk.

  16. This conversation comes down to the situation. Doomsday only got his hands on Superman because Doomsday was a threat to the people on the ground. If Hulk isn’t hurting civys then Superman gets to blast him with heat vision or trick Hulk into some other win scenario.

  17. I voted superman. Even though superman has a terrible picture. Anyways Superman already beat the Hulk at least once. Plus if Superman really wanted to make sure he was dead he could just cut him in half with his heat vision.

    • The times Supes beat Hulk were pre-crisis Supes (when a better question would be “could Kal beat the Celestials using only headbutts?”) and during a fan vote that also had Woverine beat Lobo.
      I motion that these results be stricken from the conversation.

  18. Oldcomicfan on

    Superman is invulnerable, and, unless they’ve changed the Hulk’s power set, he isn’t. All Supes has to do is hit Hulk hard enough to knock him out, battle over. No longer enraged, Hulk wimps out into Bruce Banner. Or Supes could simply suck all the air out from around the Hulk, and unable to breath, Hulk passes out. I’m pretty sure Supes has done this before. But, really, Superman could simply start doodling in the dirt with his finger, get Hulk to calm down and watch him draw pictures, Hulk calms down, and Bannerizes. Or use his heat vision to mire Hulk in melted asphalt, or use his super breath to freeze Hulk solid, or simply pick Hulk up, carry him out of the atmosphere and then punch him in solar plexis so Hulk can’t hold his breath, Hulk passes out… Need I go on?

  19. StellarLeader on

    Superman. If it is effectively an “ALL OUT” battle, meaning Superman won’t hold back, there’s no way Hulk could defeat him. Now, if this were regular Superman… he wouldn’t stand a chance against the non-stopping green giant

  20. Pre crisis superman yes

    Post crisis pony tail split in 2 superman not so sure

    Infinite crisis superman maybe

    New 52 crisis superman leaning towards no.

    Hulk gets mad Hulk gets strong, Superman’s ability varies from writer to writer.

  21. This is one of those questions that begs a situation to imagine the possible outcome. Did Superman and the hulk just round a corner and fisticuffs happened? Was the Hulk in full on rage at the moment?

    Some people have said Superman would win because he’s smarter (debatable), Super-fast (sure), can throw his chest shield like a huge disappearing cellophane tarp, and a multitude of other powers. But then, Doomsday…

    Doomsday is simply DC’s Hulk, and mostly Superman didn’t use any of his powers besides strength (not so smart), didn’t even “throw him into the sun”. They just pummeled each other until they both either “died” or passed out. I could see Hulk doing that as well, except he wouldn’t get exhausted and pass out. Remember, World War Hulk went toe to toe with Sentry, Marvels “superman” with the power of “a million exploding suns”.

    Also, Hulk would do something Superman wouldn’t: He’d threaten everything and mean it. The Hulk would put people in peril to get Superman closer, or even toss a city block.

    Soooo….I said Hulk overall if Superman couldn’t stop Doomsday without killing himself.

    (seriously, Supes didn’t think of tossing Doomsday into the sun?)

  22. I like the hulk a lot as a character. However, I think superman would win this fight. Based on all the other “versus the Hulk” match-ups that Marvel has put together through the years, it doesn’t mean very much to defeat the Hulk anymore.

  23. gilberto nieves on

    hulk would beat supes. i’m not saying it wouldn’t be a long drawn out fight but the reasons i’m seeing in voters pro superman are that he has other powers besides super strengh so what? hulk has beaten all manner of superbeings with similar powers to kal-el such as gladiator, sentry, hyperion. superman has fallen to and even died at the hands of doomsday, who is a knockoff of the hulk. hulk has beaten gods, thor, hercules, mystical powered foes like juggernaut and has even held his own against cosmic beings like the silver surfer. superman has a weakness to magic, hulk can be affected by magic but can overcome it. hulk has defeated basically all the heroes on earth, has anyone forgotten world war hulk? also, given which mindset the hulk has at the time would effect the battle cause the hulk would fight dirty. the hulk’s power comes from his anger and given enough rage the hulk’s power is enough to damage the world hence his nickname of worldbreaker. the hulk’s thunderclap would prove devasting to superman’s superhearing. hulk could heal from anything supes would throw at him. in other words, HULK SMASH!!!

  24. Wasteland Zach on

    I picked superman due to the same principal that brought us Old Man Logan. There are like 3 hulks,but one true superman. He has never stayed dead due to the fact that a writer wont kill him. But a hulk can, and has in the what if’s of the marvel universe.

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