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  1. I’ve got to say, so long as the tapes were used as just a part of the movie and the whole movie wasn’t “found footage” style of them recreating the stuff on the tapes…. I’d definitely go see it.

    Someone (or some group) discovering Doc Browns tapes and making a new time machine for their own adventures (maybe with some cameos from the old cast) would be pretty brilliant.

    Honestly the lack of 2015 technology could be explained by the new time travelers as well.
    We know changing the past changes the future in the BTTF-verse. So it’s possible some other time travel undid the 2015 future we saw in II.

  2. I don’t think the video footage is the strongest link to a new set of movies, I think Doc Brown is. Doc Brown could show back up in our present time in a new time machine and ask a new kid to help him fix the time he’s been meddling with. He could show the kid photographic proof of what 2012 was supposed to be like (the first flying car, the first hoverboard) and then explain that due to his tampering with time (or someone else’s), we’re stuck here, in this 2012 that isn’t nearly as futuristic as it should be. That’s within the first 15 minutes, the story can go anywhere from there.

    Kid follows, wackiness ensues.

  3. How about a sequel instead of a reboot? Jules and Verne have to go around and find out how Marty screwed up the timeline while he was there. Inadvertent discovery of the Skateboard cause a delay in the technological advance that we see in 2015 thus why we aren’t at that level yet. Or how the defeat of Mad Dog Tannen and the saving of the school teacher sparked the collapse of the Real Estate industry of the 2000’s. Rife with possibilities, and they can even use the old remastered original trilogy footage.

    Just a thought.

  4. the very thought of a reboot/sequel makes me sick. how about an original idea instead of crapping up a classic. 3 was enough, we dont need more. go watch the cartoon show if you HAVE to have more doc brown hijinks.

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