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In this issue: What are the things that pull us out of our fantasy realm? The question is asked, and some statements are made in this issue of the Major Spoilers Podcast.


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    • Raistlin Majere on

      I laughed so hard when I heard them talking about this. TV/movies keep having these problems. In Stargate everyone happens to speak english though in the begining they were bothering to speak egyptian or use body language. Then there was Chaka…obviously a Enemy Mine and Star Trek rip. I like Stargate but this is just one of the many sci-fi series that “lose the plot” sometimes imo.

  1. You want to convey natural speech in a way that doesn’t get in the way of the narrative, but you also want to keep an eye on your setting. The balance is always tough.

    When I think about that, the thing that immediately comes to mind is Star Trek 6. It’s my favorite original crew ST movie, but Nichelle Nichols has the line (in reference to another space ship), “The thing’s gotta have a tail pipe.”

    The line was a throw-away. It was redundant to the conversation and just completely took me out of the narrative. “Wait. They have exhaust systems on cars in this future?”

    Oh, and by the by, Gibson did coin the term “cyberspace” but students/researchers at MIT are usually given credit for “hacker.” The term “hack” in this context has a long history–basically meaning to simplify something by “hacking” complexity from it.

  2. gammafighter on

    I listen to the new podcasts as they come out and the older podcasts on various days throughout the week. Yesterday I listened to this issue and today I listened to the costume issue which opens with basically a 2 minutes long version of this EXACT conversation. Coincidences like this keep coming up.

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