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“Without great supervillains, superheroes would have no one to fight but each other! King Oblivion, Ph. D., has performed a noble public service with The Supervillain Handbook and deserved the unbounded gratitude of every thinking comic book fan.  Excelsior!”
—Stan Lee

Looking for a way out of the rat race?  Tired of your ho-him workday life?  Have an inexplicable love of turning human beings into inanimate objects?  Then professional supervillainy just might be for you!

The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem (Skyhorse Publishing, May 2012) is your one-stop-shop for everything evil.  With tips from the founder and overlord of the International Society of Supervillains, King Oblivion, Ph.D., this handbook will guide you through each sinister step, from picking your evil name to the sacred art of revenge.  If you follow these important life lessons, you may have a chance of honing your inner supervillain (and destroying the hopes and dreams of a few superheroes along the way). Get down to business with:
·        The Supervillain Qualifications Quiz to test your level of treachery.
·        The trouble with catchphrases and why supervillains like Doctor Sivana, Venom,   General Zod, and Galactus over did it.
·        The pros and cons of super powers like invulnerability, animal mimicry, time manipulation, and eighteen others.
·        The most common hideouts (the age-old abandoned warehouse is one), and why they may or may not work for you.
·        And much more!

With this complete guide from King Oblivion, Ph.D., you’ll be fully equipped with that extra drive you need to stand apart from the vengeance seekers, criminals, and psychos … as you take down superheroes one day at a time!

About the Author

King Oblivion, Ph.D., has a doctorate in the Nefarious Sciences from Ocean Trench Fortress University.  He is also monarch of the tiny Eastern European nation of Explosia, a title he won in a month-long Rochambeau tournament nearly half a century ago.  In his spare time, he enjoys macramé and telling his various minions to avoid referring to him as “Dr. King.”

Matt D. Wilson has written humor for websites including,,, and  He runs the Internation Society of Supervallains website at  He is also one of the Bureau Chiefs who run the FaceAPStylebook Twitter account, and cowrote the accompanying book, Write More Good.

The Supervillain Handbook:
The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem
By King Oblivion, Ph.D.
As told to Matt D. Wilson
Illustrated by Adam Wallenta
Skyhorse Paperback
On Sale: May 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61608-711-1
Price: $12.95


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