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Silas is a hardened space smuggler, calloused by tragedy and grueling labor — but when, in the new Image Comics series PLANETOID by Ken Garing, his ship crashes on a living, metal planet, it will take all of his experience and resources to survive.

Garing’s five-issue series is a grim vision of a desolate industrial landscape. The titular planetoid, a sphere of discarded wreckage and machinery, has its own intelligence — and its own mandate to survive, at the cost of the few humans who have also found themselves stranded on its surface. These people form the core of PLANETOID’s story.

“The world of Planetoid is that of a vast, abandoned industrial landscape,” said Garing. “The story, however, will revolve around the efforts of the planetoid’s inhabitants as they struggle together against extraordinary odds in the hope of building something new out of the devastation.”

Garing pits man against machine in a primal struggle, using the color palette of his painted interiors to contrast the combatants — the occasional splash of human blood amidst the monochromatic grays and rusts of the planetoid.

The first issue of PLANETOID was an exclusive digital comic on Graphicly, but now will appear in print under the Image Comics banner on June 13. PLANETOID #1 (APR120419) is available for pre-order in the April issue of Previews. Each full-color monthly issue will be 32 pages long, with no ads, for $2.99.

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Press Release

Press Release

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