Fans of The Walking Dead comics or television show, zombies, or video games rejoice for The Walking Dead video game has arrived. And look, there is a new trailer after the jump!

I’m really liking how this game is shaping up, definitely has a Walking Dead feel with a nice balance of story and zombie killing madness. Animation wise I enjoy the look and that a few character designs seem heavily influenced from the source material. You can play the game now from Steam for Mac and PC, Playstation Network, and coming soon to Xbox LIVE Arcade. With a price tag of $24.99 I might even splurge a little and get my hands around a controller when it becomes available for the Xbox.


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    • Raistlin Majere on

      I know it is 400 points atm so I am thinking they are going to be releasing it in parts on the box. I have yet to play the trial and see if I wanna sign on for this episodic or wait till it bundles.

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