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Who can a young hero trust on the wrong side of the tracks when he’s separated from secret lairs, flying cars and most importantly, his missing family of superheroes?

That’s where Jared Davenport aka Blue Yonder will find himself as the webcomic “Blue Yonder” launches its second storyline this week. Illustrated by Diego Diaz and written by Richard Pulfer and Luke Perks, the superhero webcomic kicks off its regular Wednesday installments after concluding “The Frightener” interlude which ran through its 12-week hiatus.

When readers last saw Jared Davenport, the young hero had flown the coop from Claremont Apartments after learning his new allies included an ex-cop convicted of stealing evidence and a black ops solider with an even more checkered past. Will his old friends, the police-themed N-Forcers, be any help in locating his missing family? What about Voltra, the young girl who befriended him at the run-down Claremont Apartments?

The answers to these questions and more will be revealed when Blue Yonder continues its weekly updates on Wednesday. From the streets of Venture City to the halls of the Silver Age of superheroes, this new storyline promises thrills, chills and plenty of humor to go around in Jared Davenport’s quest to both save his family and discover the identity of his mysterious pursuer.

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