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What’s bald, and smelly, snogs kangaroos, wears shoes that don’t fit and a bra that’s too tight (and knickers that need a good wash), smokes, drinks, and fights too much for her own good… and has her original stories, now available digitally for the first time via comiXology and iVerse?

You guessed it! TANK GIRL!

Titan Comics is delighted to announce its partnership with comiXology and iVerse for the release of Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin’s Classic Tank Girl stories on the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Kindle Fire and the web.

First appearing in Deadline magazine, the anarchic series follows the adventures of Tank Girl and her mutant kangaroo boyfriend, Booga. Jamie Hewlett may have famously gone on to create the visuals for the cartoon band Gorillaz – but this is your first opportunity to experience Hewlett’s fully-formed and gloriously anarchic artistic vision on your favourite computer or tablet!

Titan Comics is releasing these original stories in chronological order as fourteen digitally remastered issues! The first five issues are now available to purchase digitally via comiXology and iVerse, with new selections following every four weeks!

As well as releasing stories from her early years, Titan Comics is building the complete Tank Girl digital collection, starting with Martin & Rufus Dayglo’s Bad Wind Rising. Described by Aint It Cool as “possibly this year’s coolest comic”, Bad Wind Rising sees Tank Girl and Booga, her partner of 22 years, split up! This tragic news was announced exclusively in KO! magazine – see here. Check out this teaser trailer for the series.

To keep up to date with new digital releases follow @TankGirlComics on Twitter or visit Titan Comics’ digital website, here.

Tank Girl is available to read via comiXology and iVerse now – perfect if you want some shiny bollocks to show off on your new IPad retina screen!

Pure Tank Girl. Pure Genius. Puerile Entertainment.

About Tank Girl Comics
Tank Girl is a British comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. 
Originally drawn by Jamie Hewlett, the strip has been drawn by such luminaries as Rufus Dayglo and Mike McMahon. Jim Mahfood is currently drawing the next instalment.

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