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  1. The Great NateO on

    I went with Hasbro, of the decades I been alive Hasbro been the one, Transformers, GI Joe, Play-Doh, and My Litter Pony (for my daughter) and so on. They even have better board games, I even find now with having kids I pick up more Hasbro then Mattel.

  2. Lee Smith (SawHat on BGG) on

    Had to go with Hasborg. I have a huge board game collection and the way Hasbro has been assimulating smaller game companies, I’m sure I own more from them than Matel.

    Here’s a suggestion for your game night: Risk Legacy. This game is awesome. It’s Risk on steroids and things actually change from one game to the next. Stuff you do in one game will come back to bite your butt in a later game. Get a group of five people commited to playing all 15 games in the campaign and meet once a fortnight for dinner and this and I gaurantee you will have a great time.

  3. I’m going Hasbro on this one : Transformers, Play-Doh, GI Joe. Those are a few of my favorite childhood memories. And mind you, I’m belgian; those products always seemed weirdly alien next to my traditional toys made of felt and fine cheeses.
    As someone must have said at some point in the entire life of this here planet : “Hasbro, will travel”. (Sorry, I’m running out of awesomely bad puns.)

  4. Between my collections of Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, DC and Marvel Superheroes (from the lines they released) and others, it’s definitely Hasbro hands down.

    I do have offerings from a number of other companies (including many from Bandai Japan because I’m a Super Sentai geek), but Hasbro dominates my collections.

  5. I’m an avid collector of board games from the 40’s to now, at one point having over 250. Thinking back, I’d have to say about 90% were either Hasbro or a Hasbro purchased company. Then I’d have to count all the old Transformers and GI joes I had growing up and those cool electronic pocket games like “football” and such. Hasbro wins hands down so much, I think the Government should look into the possible anti-trust laws violation monopoly they hold on Boys toys. If I was a girl, I’d probably would have instead said, Mattel, as they seem to hold the top for “girl-centric” toys like Barbie and assorted dolls…

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