Complications at the RWJ this week, combined with the annual tax season, have started me thinking about questions of the almighty buck.  Carl Spackler seemed to have it all figured out, thanks to the Lama and all, but you have to wonder if, f’rinstance, Ric Flair ever regrets his career path or Samuel L. Jackson wants to stop and smell the roses…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “misquoted”) for the day is this:  Assuming you couldn’t have both, would you rather be handsomely compensated or achieve total consciousness?


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  1. I’m always confused by the phrase “total consciousness”, but then maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s a sign I need it.

    I’d probably pick it over money, because too much income makes me feel guilty.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’d like to make more money. (“We all do.” – Sally Struthers.)

    But I don’t like for the $, so, I’ll go with that consciousness thing…man.


  2. Total consciousness. Financial compensation comes with a bunch of challenges and headaches. Can I maintain that cash flow? Is my benefactor, wife, or partner going to split with my dough? Why is this mugger stealing my new watch? You know…Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

    The nirvana of the Buddhists and Hindus or the Slack of the Subgenius allows for you to be happy doing virtually anything. The loss of ego, total awareness of all around you and the idea of ‘no time, no-thing’ removes concerns of daily life, receipts and expenditures, etc. You do your thing whatever it is, and you have no concerns about whether it is good enough, smart enough or if (gosh darn it) people like you.

    Also, since I work in the ‘off camera’ realm of the television industry, the idea of total consciousness is far more realistic than handsome compensation.

  3. I think I too would take the money and run.

    While I have worked hard to educate myself, I don’t know if this old head could handle total enlightenment.

    I image I would be like one of the many driven insane by the recognition of my total insignificance in the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything. Alas, I am no Zaphod Beeblebrox.

    So pay up.

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