This Saturday you will be able to download the first episode of Season 4 of Critical Hit. Take the jump to read some information on the setting, and the official announcement of the new season’s title.

The Feywild and The Natural World

The word “mirror” is often used to describe the relationship between the Feywild and the Natural world but this term only holds up in the loosest of senses. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “interpretation” with both planes being interpretations of each other. For example, if a plant is poisonous in the Natural World, the Feywild’s version may actually behave like a venomous snake; the biggest, thickest trees in the natural world are city-sized in the Feywild, etc. That said no one knows for sure which comes first, many sages believe that whenever a new species or concept comes into being, it happens simultaneously in both planes.

Every once on a while the essence of the Feywild will leak into the natural world, when this happens the rift can either be sealed or capped. When capped it stabilizes into a portal known as a ‘trod’. These trods are the safest ways to travel into the Feywild.

Eladrin and Gnomes

To the peoples of the Natural world the most well known of Feywild creatures are the Eladrin, with gnomes being a close second. Although Eladrin and gnomes have their own distinct biologies, cultures and motivations, they behave, at least in general terms, the way natural humanoids do. They travel, raise families, adventure and build cities. They have no real mystical compulsions nor bans on their behavior. As denizens of the Feywild, magic comes easily to them; most gnomes know lesser spells and even the most martial of Eladrin learn at least a few cantrips by the time they’re 200 years old.

The Spring Wood

Ruled by the Spring Queen, the Spring Wood is composed primarily of temperate broad-leaf trees. But most species of tree and plant can be found if you know where to look. There are plenty of large glens, meandering rivers and rolling grasslands. Many consider the spring wood to be the least dangerous of the Seasonal Forests, this is technically incorrect. Yes, there are fewer large animal predators, but that is primarily because the Spring Queen doesn’t find them desirable and eradicates them whenever one enters her notice. This opens up a lot of room for carnivorous plants, and as long as they’re beautiful, The Queen allows, and even fosters their growth.

Cities: The largest Gnome Settlement in the Spring Wood is Thistleton, However even Thistleton’s entire population isn’t as large as the gnome enclave in the Cerulean Grove, The Largest Eladrin City in the Spring Wood. The Cerulean Grove is home to the Cerulean Academy of Magic, a school whose faculty and alumni claim is the greatest school of arcane magic in all of the Feywild.

Critical Hit Season 4 Premieres April 21.

Art by Adriana Ferguson

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