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Eagle One Media and iFN today announced that its action
horror film ZOMBIE DAWN has received an R rating from the Motion Picture
Association of America. In addition, a number of new photos from the film
have been released showing some in front of the camera as well as some
behind the scenes.

ZOMBIE DAWN, which is set to begin its US theatrical run April 20, was
given an R rating by the MPAA due to its “bloody violence, a rape, brief
nudity and pervasive language”.

In a special arrangement with theaters, cinema ticket buyers attending the
Spanish language horror film shall receive a free limited edition copy of
the ZOMBIE DAWN: Safehouse comic book that contains a prequel tie-in story
to the feature film.

The highly praised micro budget film is set to open in Fort Worth, TX;
Phoenix, AZ; Birmingham. AL; Aurora, CO the weekend of April 20th with
additional theater locations to be added shortly in the coming weeks.

Film premise: In 2006 a mysterious incident at a remote mining facility
unleashes a zombie horde with an appetite for human flesh. It decimates
large portions of the cities and countryside. The only course of action is
to rapidly enclose the infected areas and seal them off from the rest of
the remaining, living population. Now, 15 years later the tattered remains
of the government and the mining corporation responsible where the initial
event took place commit themselves to finding out what may have happened
at the mining complex. The solution is to covertly send in a group of
mercenaries led by a cynical but no-nonsense Colonel and investigative
scientists into the quarantined zone to find answers.

Fans of ZOMBIE DAWN can find theater locations and dates at the official
website or facebook page

via Eagle One Media


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