With the extensive reporting from C2E2 ’12, I was almost convinced that I want to go to a comic convention again.  Sure, it would only take a few minutes of people bumping into me to change that, but in those first minutes I always enjoy the convention goers, especially those who choose to attend in costume.  My particular stature doesn’t lend itself to a lot of non-Bedrock-derived costumes (Herbie Popnecker, Chuck Taine and, if he counts, Harry Knowles are all options, though) but it did start a particular train of thought…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “misquoted”) for today is this:  If you were unlimited by time and budgetary constraints, what would be your ideal convention costume?


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  1. …I’m always joking (at my LCS) that I will, one day, dress up as Bouncing Boy…

    This is, no contest, the costume Mokin would choose…he’s a tad smaller, but still…he is a Legion fan…

  2. I actually spend a lot of time making costumes for fun (some for myself, some for friends and friend’s kids, etc), but sometimes they become long-term projects because of not only budget, but finding just the right parts to make certain pieces of the costume.

    My custom Mandalorian armor is an example of the long-term projects as I’ve been working on it for a couple of years simply because I’m doing it in a style described in the Expanded Universe where some Mandalorians wear parts of fallen loved ones armor. So instead of simply duplicating or repainting Fett style armor, mine is a patchwork with some parts styled after different Mandalorian styles (from games and other sources) and other Star Wars armors as well as having significance for people that I have actually lost.

    As for the question: If I had an unlimited budget (because I pretty much have nothing but free time) and access to the right parts I’d need (I’m extremely picky), I’d absolutely love to make either a Transformers G1 Arcee or Kamen Rider Kiva-La.

  3. The Great NateO on

    I have 3 costumes I would make –

    3. Ace McCloud – The Centurions

    2. Lion-O with growing sword/claw shield and I would make a Thunder Tank to drive there in – Thundercats

    1. Captain Power – Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

  4. Alan Moore.
    Throw on a wig and a fake beard, mutter something incomprehensible about Twilight of the Superheroes, and get treated like comic royalty for the day!
    The only downside is the DC Panel claiming to hold the copyright to all your snarky questions…

  5. My costume idea would be a suit of either a Green Lantern or Marvelesque Astral Plane armor.

    By this I mean it would be composed of translucent plastics of some appropriate color, and you would be able to see the base character costume underneath. Given all the time and money I needed it would of course be functional and able to take a hit from a weapon without risking bodily harm to myself.

  6. Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, I really like the design, but I have no idea as to the logistics of how to make it work.

    Runner Ups would be Swamp Thing, Jonah Hex, and the Elongated Man purple& white costume.

  7. The_Bear_Jew on

    Captain Marvel, I would get my little brother to be Billy Batson and shout really loudly “SHAZAM!” and pay the light guy to turn off the lights. When they went back on there I’d be, in my Marvel glory.

  8. litanyofthieves on

    I’d really like to make an animal motif set of armor like all the ones described in the Song of Ice and Fire Novels… my favorite is Victarion Greyjoy’s, which has a squid helmet and a cape that’s designed to look like tentacles.

  9. I have three:

    Daredevil: To appease my friends who love making blind jokes at my expense.

    Legion (from the Mass Effect series): Being a life size Geth would be amazing

    Warhammer 40k Ork: Nothing more fun than being able to yell WAAAAAGH!!!!! any time I like.

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