It occurred to me as I was browsing this week’s comics that they day of the one-shot villain (known colloquially as “Marvel Team-Up Bad Guys” in the parlance) have gone by the wayside.  It seems that the heroes these days only battle their lifelong nemesis/dark mirror, or against other heroes, and the days of random goofy villains are gone, except for maybe Bob Kirkman’s ‘Invincible.’

The Saturday Mornin’ MS-QOTD is one of those questions that occur to you when you’ve been perusing the back issue bins:  What one-shot/old-school/underrated villains do you most want to see returned and revamped?


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  1. One stray supervillain who has stuck in my head from childhood was a scientist whose “experiment gone wrong” changed her into a giant, intelligent, green gas cloud. All I remember of her is that she nearly (nearly!) defeated the Fantastic Four and her awesome, chilling battlecry as she went on a citywide rampage: “KILL ME OR CURE ME!”. Tell me you couldn’t get some modern milage out of that. Pure gold (or purest green, at least).

    A quick search reveals the character was Ion and the story was originally in Machine Man #15.

  2. I’d like to see a little more done with The Spot (Dr. Jonathan Ohnn). He was always one of my favorite villains of Spider-man’s. My favorite comic book cover (of the ones I own) is the second appearance of The Spot in Spectacular Spider-man #99. His particular powerset always seemed like he’d be an awesome villain especially for the “Street Level” super-hero.

  3. Stilt-Man and Rocket Racer have such a random gimmick. It would be fun to see a lame supervillain back in play; not upgraded into a real threat, just still trying. That seemed to be Mechano-Marauder’s deal anyway, which is why I listed him.

    The first Avenger’s comic I ever read featured the Avengers fighting the Zodiac. The first Fantastic Four comic I ever read featured the FF fighting Salem’s Seven. So in both cases it is a matter of nostalgia.

    Back in the day of Power-Man and Iron Fist, Chemistro was an occasional villain. Like Rocket Racer, I enjoyed these street level heroes and villains.

    Grimbor was my DC Comics choice because of my long-time love for the Legion. Grimbor made me think of Charma, who first appeared in “Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes” #221.

    She was defeated by my favorite Legionaire, Shrinking Violet. But Charma was a bit lame while I thought Grimbor had a lot of potential as a villain.

  4. There were three crazy-ass villains who each appeared in the first run of the She-Hulk comic: The Seeker, Radius, and Torque (uh, whut?). Their powers weren’t well-defined, as I remember, but they looked cool and they each gave She-Hulk a good fight.

  5. Antonio Sanciolo on

    Razorfist – possibly because there have been three of them and all three of them have lost at least one hand each. To add insult to injury, they all answered to an effete chap by the name of “Velcro”.

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