SOLICITATIONS: The Goon Goes Monthly


The Diamond Retailer Summit is in it’s last day in Chicago right now, but last night big news in the world comics was announced by the one and only Eric Powell. The Goon is going monthly! You read that right, the book loved by many is going to be regularly released on a monthly schedule.

I personally enjoy The Goon, but have always been let down on the release schedule and am always afraid I’m going to miss the latest issue. Announcing a monthly release date has me excited for the stories to come from Powell, who also seems excited and took to Twitter to share the announcement.

Because what this business needs is more punching of butt molesters in gorilla suits! GOON MONTHLY!!!

Because a bi-monthly dose of rage induced drunken transvestite fights is never enough… GOON MONTHLY!

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Look for monthly releases of The Goon starting with issue 40.