This week, Marvel Comics announced that the “Spider-Men” teaser promotions were, in fact, exactly what it said on the tin: The first (direct) meeting between Marvel and Ultimate Marvel.  As the proud owner of “Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali” and the sublime goofiness of “Archie Meets The Punisher”, what impressed me most was not news of the crossover, but the fact that Marvel was able to hold off for more than 10 years before doing it, a rare display of restraint for a comic publisher.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “misquoted”) for today is this:  How big a deal IS this crossover?


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  1. In the grand scheme of things, or even just the grand scheme of comic book history, it’s really not that big of a deal.

    But I’m super excited and can’t wait to read it.

  2. This cross-over is not a big deal.

    It would have been a much bigger deal if it was two Peter Parkers meeting up. We would have had the younger greener Ult. Spidey look to the older continuity mess 616 Spider-man and hilarity would, no doubt, ensue.

    This is really two completely different characters (albeit from different Universes) meeting up. But there’s no great shakes in that. I’m pretty sure Marvel has a requisite that heroes have to meet Alt universe goateed versions of themselve at least once a year.

    I really like both Spider-man franchises right now too. But, I see no incentive to be excited about this pair-up.

  3. I’m excited because, with Bendis writing it, it has the potential to have long-lasting effects (at least for Ultimate Spidey). He made the Ultimate Power crossover relevant and important, so I have to believe he’s got something cooked up for the meeting of Peter and Miles. Perhaps Peter will help him with some web-slingers? How will Peter react to a world in which he’s dead but Gwen’s alive? How will Aunt May and Mary Jane react to meeting an older and very much alive Peter? And what villain is going to be responsible for throwing these two together?

    Like I said: I’m excited.

  4. “What impressed me most was not news of the crossover, but the fact that Marvel was able to hold off for more than 10 years before doing it, a rare display of restraint for a comic publisher”

    I’ve been expecting it since hints were sorta dropped in a few titles, but it is impressive that they managed to hold off this long. While I personally wish they had kept them separate, I won’t deny some interest in the crossover.

  5. LemmyCaution on

    The crossover is not a big deal. Quesada admitting he was able to actually change his mind kinda is a big deal, comic-book-wise that is. Maybe now he can entertain the thought that writing about someone who is married is not the creative roadblock he claimed that it was… and I can get the real Pete-616 back!

  6. Since I haven’t followed Spidey in decades and never followed Ultimate and hate treating alt-universes as if they were neighborhoods that you could walk over to, no big deal. But if it ends with Ultimate Nick Fury replacing MU Nick Fury then Marvel will have a MU that looks more like the movie franchise.

  7. I think its just a way to have Miles learn more about what it means to be a spider-man. Should be fun to read as Miles is one of my favorite Characters right now. And not because I’m black, but I grew up poor and then tested my way into private schooling. Now I just need an irradiated spider to bite me lol. Maybe if put one in the mircowave for a few minutes…….

    But seriously this should sell copies to fans of both Spider-comics, also it’ll make a great collectors item if this turns out to be the only 616/MU cross-over. Only time will tell……

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