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The big screen version of Dark Shadows will arrive on May 11 and the perfect companions to revisit the original, classic Dark Shadows TV show are here now from Hermes Press! In anticipation of the new film Hermes Press is releasing Dark Shadows: The Best of the Original Series ISBN 978-1-61345-016-1 ($49.99 full color, 336 page, the best twelve original Dark Shadows comic book stories) with art by Joe Certa and stories by D. J. Arneson and Arnold Drake together with the illustrated novella Dark Shadows Interrupted Voyage authored by D. J. Arneson with art by Joe Certa ISBN 978-1613450192 ($8.99, full color, 128 pages).

Dark Shadows the Best of the Original Series is the last word on the classic series of comic books published from 1968-1976; it contains twelve complete stories starting with issue #1 and includes issues # 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 18, 24, 31, 32, concluding with #33. These stories were hand-picked by Dark Shadows historian Dr. Jeff Thompson. Thompson feels that these stories each, “feature a moment, a nuance, an illustration, or a turn of phrase that distinguishes it… these are the twelve greatest Dark Shadows comic book stories.”

Dark Shadows Interrupted Voyage is a 128 page novel, extensively illustrated by artist Joe Certa, which takes the main character of the series, Barnabas Collins, back in time to 17th Salem, Massachusetts. It features everything fans of witches, vampires, and gothic romance could hope for, and more.

Both books can be read by old and new fans alike and provide the definitive comic book introduction to the classic original series. Available next week just in time for the new film version of this landmark TV show!

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Press Release

Press Release

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