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Hermes Press, pop art book publisher of such classic comic strip and comic book reprints as Buck Rogers, The Phantom, Brenda Starr, and Dark Shadows is sponsoring the 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon, Western Pennsylvania’s premier venue for popular culture. Since Hermes Press is the region’s only comic book and strip publisher “it seemed perfect that we should sponsor this show,” observed publisher Daniel Herman. Herman continued that, “we’ve been publishing pop culture art books and classic comic book and strip reprints for over a decade and it just seemed to make sense for us to show everybody in our neck of the woods what we do.”

The Comicon, which celebrates its 20th convention this year, will be the venue for Hermes Press’ premiere of number titles. These books include two new classic Dark Shadows graphic novels released especially to coincide with the roll-out of the new big screen version of the title helmed by director Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. Convention-goers will be the first to see Dark Shadows the Best of the Original Series, the last word on the classic series of comic books. This book contains twelve complete stories starting with issue #1 of the classic 1968-1976 comic book title and also includes issues # 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 18, 24, 31, 32, concluding with #33. These stories were hand-picked by Dark Shadows historian Dr. Jeff Thompson. Thompson feels that these stories each, “feature a moment, a nuance, an illustration, or a turn of phrase that distinguishes it… these are the twelve greatest Dark Shadows comic book stories.”

Also premiering at Comicon is Dark Shadows Interrupted Voyage, a 128 page novel, extensively illustrated by artist Joe Certa, which takes the main character of the series, Barnabas Collins, back in time to 17th Salem, Massachusetts. It features everything fans of witches, vampires, and gothic romance could hope for, and more.

Hermes Press will also be presenting a special Dark Shadows panel on Saturday, April 21 from 3-4PM in room two, with some surprises regarding the new film. Also on hand, via Skye, will be some of the stars from the original series, ready to answer questions from fans.

Hermes Press isn’t stopping there though. Its new comprehensive monograph of Pogo creator Walt Kelly will also be premiered at Comicon. Kelly, considered by some to be one of the greatest comic strip creators of the 20th Century, receives his first full scale art book detailing the his life, art, and, of course, detailing the history of Pogo and all his pals. Come pick up a copy.

If you like contemporary comics, get a sneak peak at our new original graphic novel Tails and see issue #1 of our new title Sparrow and Crowe.

Also on hand will be a huge selection of Hermes Press books including one of our most recent releases: Brenda Starr the Collected Dailies and Sunday 1940-1946. This book surveys the first six years of this important comic strip. Also see our reprints of such famous titles as Buck Rogers, The Phantom, Roy Rogers, Milton Caniff’s Male Call, Steve Canyon, Johnny Hazard, My Favorite Martian, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants and more! Finally stop by our booth, PO 64-67 and pick up some free stuff including a My Favorite Martian comic book and receive special convention discounts on some of our in-print titles.

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