Last night a plethora of fans in New York and Los Angeles had the chance to be the first to see marvel’s The Avengers, and within minutes, we finally learned who the soldiers are in Loki’s Army…

Considering Nick Fury in this universe is based on the Ultimate Nick Fury, it is no real surprise that the alien army is made up of Chitauri, the Ultimate Skrulls.

The Chitauri were able to mimic human form and absorb human knowledge, apparently by ingesting the bodies or brains of the humans they imitated. In their natural form, they appear to be large, and reptilian, but no clear images of their native form have been shown. Although the drone workers were nearly mindless and not much more durable than humans, the high-ranking officers such as Kleiser possessed super-strength to rival Captain America, superhuman stamina and durability, extremely rapid regeneration, and the ability to see or sense invisible objects or people.

So, shape changing aliens that are among us and destroying us from the inside as well as externally. So what if Loki has an army… remember, we have a Hulk.

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  1. I would totally be okay if this lead to the release of a Young Avengers movie, even if it were straight to Dvd. They just need to cast Wiccan and Hulking and I’m all in!

  2. Even if it had been only frost giants, as some speculated, I would have been fine with it. This movie is as much about Loki as it is the Avengers and they don’t need to bombard us with villains like X-3 and Spider-Man 3 did.

    But, that being said, I think the introduction of the Chitauri is a fine idea. It allows not only for a mass-army villain in this movie but an ongoing foe as later movies are released.

    Having a villain of this sort opens up many possibilities for future movies such as Iron Man 3 or Captain America 2. Perhaps, as they are of the sneaky sort, it might also allow for a foundation for a Black Widow and/or a Hawkeye movie.

  3. They could have had Loki’s army being the damned Smurfs for all I could care and I would still watch it just to see Captain America tell the Hulk “Hulk…smash!” Shades of Jack Kirby’s pencil dust I cannot wait.

  4. I don’t see how anyone could complain about this. It is a perfectly logical choice for an Avengers villain given what all the previous movies have been giving us. It also opens up this movie Marvel universe a bit more by showing not all threats are going to be locally grown.

  5. I think it is a great connecting villainous force, not tied directly to any of the Avengers but affecting all of them and easily usable in each franchise. I wonder if it will prompt any other Marvel Universe characters/teams to get the green light?

  6. I haven’t been this excited about a movie coming out since Return of the Jedi. Seriously! :D

    Skrulls too? Hot damn! Hmm, makes me wonder if they’re setting up plots for the next movie. Maybe a rehashing of Secret Invasion? Well, they couldn’t screw it up any more than Quesada and Bendis already did, at least. lol

  7. christopher riner on

    So they said that it wouldn’t be the kree or the skrulls…. but up top it says that the chitauri are the “ultimate skrulls”?? I’m not familiar with the chitauri, but anywho…

    ..I’m gonna have to second the jedi master up top– being 28 years old, I’ve NEVER been this excited for a movie. I think it was a good idea introducing these guys–they definitely seem like formidable opponents which we would never have had a chance at defending ourselves against (without the avengers of course). I loooooooooooooooooooved some of the stuff that they threw in the movie; with a lot of the movies, I always sit and think about how they could have done so many things differently/better. For example, thor didn’t have a whole lot of action (in his own movie), same with iron man two. But I digress, they’ve really done an awesome job with this movie and I can’t wait to see it in theatres.

    I’m hoping that in the second avengers movie, it will be the kree vs. the skrull. What better way to upstage the massive battle that happens in avengers 1? Instead of Earth fighting loki and one army, they have to fight their way through two armies battling for earth.

    Can’t wait to see what marvel starts pumping out from here on out. They really have matured into masters of cinema.

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